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Dependency theory

Since the formation of the nation-state, there has been a continuous conflict
around the world. There are ongoing conflicts between the two economic
classes. The truth is being revealed in the history of exploitation of the
weaker classes. The exploitation of the poor by the richer classes around the
world continues through a global structure. Not only the exploiters but also
the rulers are participating in maintaining this structure. As a result, on the
one hand, as some nations are advancing in resources, production, technology
and military power, on the other hand, many poor nations, due to lack of
capital, have become completely backward in terms of unemployment,
technology and power. Because of their backwardness, they are depending on
rich countries. And this dependence on the rich of the poorer nations is
known as dependency theory.
Dependency Theory:
Generally Dependency theory is of the notion that resources flow from a
"periphery" of poor and underdeveloped states to a "core" of wealthy states,
enriching the latter at the expense of the former. It is a central contention of
dependency theory that poor states are impoverished and rich ones enriched
by the way poor states are integrated into the "world system".
Accordong to Santos
Dependency theory is a historical condition which shapes a certain structure
of the world economy such that it favors some countries to the detriment of
others and limits the development possibilities of the subordinate
economics...a situation in which the economy of a certain group of countries
is conditioned by the development and expansion of another economy, to
which their own is subjected.
As long as capitalism exists in the world, the source of capitalism, Western
industrialized societies, will be at the forefront of development. And poor
countries will depend on the products they produce. This is the core of the
theory of dependency. In this context, a very practical concept is used in
structural management theory; That is the concept of Core and Periphery. At
the heart of the world system are a number of Western developed capitalist
countries. From there, the majority of the poorest countries are located in the
farthest perimeter of the circle.
The economic basis of the imperialist countries' relationship with the colonies
in the far reaches of the circle is that the surplus profits from labor and
production go directly to the imperialist country, the heart of capitalism.
On the other hand the normal development of the colonies ceased; The
opportunities for capital creation are getting narrower and narrower. The
consequence of such a long run is a paralyzed economy and a permanently
dependent socio-economic system.
[Note] CC- Core Countries, PC- Periphery in Core, CP- Core in Periphery, PP- Periphery in Periphery
Present World:
The present world is going through a terrible situation. Corona virus started
in 2019 from Wuhan, China. Millions of people have been infected so far,
countless people have died. The hope is that scientists have been able to find
a cure for it. But rich countries are not interested in patenting their invention.
The Corona pandemic from all over the world should end quickly.
Despite various alliances, big talk in front of the media, in reality, everyone is
behaving selfishly.
While the first and second doses of Covid-19 have not yet been vaccinated in
many countries of the world, the richest countries in the world are busy with
booster doses. The head of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros
Adhanam Gabrias, has called on rich countries to change their "irrational
greed" attitude.
The Covid-19 pandemic is now an important issue of world politics. China,
India and Russia want to actively use this facility. Not only by compromising
on foreign policy, but also by restructuring the geopolitical system in their
favor instead of ticking it off. Apart from China and Russia, several other
countries are similarly using the vaccine as a tool.
Although India initially offered vaccines to various countries for the purpose
of expanding its regional dominance diplomatically, it stopped exporting
vaccines to their countries due to the high incidence of infections. India faces
difficulties in meeting its own demand if the United States stops supplying
vaccine raw materials to India. The Ministry of Health of Bangladesh has
approved the emergency use of Covid-19 vaccine from Russia and China.
This was a timely decision given the ongoing crisis. The government hopes
that Bangladesh will be vaccinated by China and Russia within the stipulated
time. In addition to this, the Bangladesh government also asked the United
States for 4 million doses of Oxford-Astrageneca vaccine to meet the urgent
need. However, the United States might not consider Bangladesh as it was
made agreement with China or Russia. The position of these countries in
geopolitics is contradictory. At a time when the world is going through this
crisis, the rich countries have not been able to stop their inhumane behave.
Those who speak of humanity, of world peace, cannot sing the song of
equality at this juncture of the world. As long as capitalism exists in the
world, equality will not be established. Wealth will be in one hands. The
body of one side will keep the mind fresh, the other side will count the death.
Dependency theory fits perfectly with this crisis. Everyone can see the
nakedness of the capitalist countries. Taking advantage of the helplessness of
the people, they are not shying away from economic and political pursuits.
As two economic classes struggle in world politics, the poor will have to
depend on the West or other countries to get the corona vaccine and other