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Why is this the best Trading method? By only using the Chilled Trading method, you can
generate up to 2 million coins per month, and it is not even that hard. You don't even
need to waste your time by sniping all day long, the only thing you must do when using
this method, is relisting your transfer list once every hour. Relisting takes 30 seconds in
the app! Rebuying the players that sold takes 30-60 minutes per day. You can call this
Trading Method the „Cashflow Machine “, because it is generating your passive income,
while you are playing some Weekend League Games. What do we do? We are just
listing players overpriced, and if you are doing it right, they will all be sold over time. The
only thing you need to do is, to follow this guide here. Your Ideal Strategy: - 90-99
objects on your transfer list - List max. 2 times the same player, aim for a min. of 50
different players on your transfer list. Diversification is KEY! - Use different prices for the
same players, Player 1: 44500 bid/45750 buy now; Player 2: 45500/46750 - Always list
your players for one hour, because the sale always happens in the last minutes - If you
have successfully sold a player overpriced, don't waste any time and buy him back for
the lowest price immediately! - Sell your players, so that you have an after-tax-profit of
~10% (We have a spreadsheet for this down below!) - Buy players with a good
chemistry style (more later) - Buy your players as cheap as possible to maximize your
profits Follow our price spreadsheet! Another very important tip is, that the buy-now
price should always end with a 750. Because 9750 looks cheaper than 10000.
Additionally, the bid price should always be ~1k below the buy-now price. Bonus tip: At
the start you won’t have enough coins to entirely fill your list, so you can use fillers, to
fill the open space on your transfer list. Contracts / Managers / Position Change / Kits /
Badges are very useful for this. Bonus tip: If you are currently not playing with your
team, always list them overpriced. Sometimes you might be lucky and be able to sell
someone. I would recommend you to be a bit greedier with your own players. This
basically means, selling them a for a higher price, than you would usually list them.
Hunter/Shadow Trading Usually, you will buy the players from our lists (only buy if its
below max price) for the price, you have just seen on Futbin.com, and then you will use
the Chilled Trading Method to sell him. But you can use another technique in
combination with our Chilled-Trading Method, to improve your trading skills and the
chance to get a sale. Example: You are buying players to sell them overpriced. If you buy
St. Juste, who is (example) 8k right now and sell him for 10k you have 1.5k net profit!
(Remember we have 5% ea tax). If you want to improve your profits, you can buy St.
Juste with Hunter/Anchor on him. Pay a maximum of 500 coins more for Anchor, and
1000 coins more for Shadow. So if you got a St. Juste for 9k with shadow, you can easily
sell him for 12k, which will guarantee you a profit of 2.5k and you will sell him faster
than if you just try to sell him the normal way. You should always try to use this
technique instead of normal chilled trading! (edited)
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In this example you can see how easy it is, to just maximise your profits by using these
simple additions to the „Chilled-Trading Method“. In conclusion: -Check the price of the
card you are looking for -Pay 500 coins more if you can get an anchor (only defensive
midfielder and defenders). -pay 1000 coins more for shadow! (only defensive midfielder
and defenders). -pay 1000 coins more for hunter! (Strikers/wingers and offensive
midfielder). FAQ: Why should I list 90-95 players/items? To increase the chances of
getting a sale! On average you have a 3-5% chance that a player will sell! Why shouldn’t
I list 100 players? If you need to sell something immediately you must have some space
on your transfer list! Why 90 DIFFERENT players? It is really important that you don’t
sell more than 1 player for the same price at the same time! It is a psychological
phenomenon! As soon as your potential buyer notices that there are other listings for
the same price he knows that something is wrong and wont buy your card! What does
MAX Price mean? MAX Price does not mean that the player is currently worth that
much! The max price is for your protection! It can always happen that a player rises
enormously because of an SBC or some other event! As soon as the MAX Price is
exceeded you know that you shouldn’t buy this player anymore! The chance of the
player dropping again and you losing coins is high so just avoid these players! Use fillers
instead! Which consoles are the max prices for? The left price is for the Playstation
market! The middle price is for the Xbox market! The right price is for the PC market!
Things are not going so well at the moment, what should I do? Chilled trading works
best when the market is very active! This is usually Thursday – Sunday! If Monday,
Tuesday and Wednesday don’t work so well then do not panic! Carry on as before!
What you can do is check the prices of the players that don’t sell! If the price dropped
significantly then you can adjust the price. General stuff you should know about with
Chilled trading! Your transfer list always contains invests! This means that if you are
doing chilled trading you are prepared for any upcoming SBC! If some SBC Fodder
players don’t sell that often you can still relax. Upcoming SBCs that lets prices explode
are great for you since you have a whole list of players that will rise. If you have some
hours in which you don’t have sales or some days with only a few sales you should not
worry! As we all know by now, the market is really active on the Weekends! Especially
with new exciting SBCs. You must look at the whole week. You will get to enough sales
per week to make your profit! It is completely fine that some days are better, and some
are worse! (edited)
Spreadsheet for how much you should list players Players worth up to 3k
Players worth from 3k up to 10k
These will give you an Idea on how much you should list the players from the ╠lowbudget-0k-100k ╠medium-budget-100k-1000k ╚high-budget-1000k at! (edited)
For nonrares and consumables Bought for: 400 -> 800/1000 450 -> 900/1100 500 ->
1000/1200 550 -> 1100/1300 600 -> 1200/1400 650 -> 1300/1500 700 -> 1400/1600 750
-> 1500/1700 (edited)
How to list players above 10k These are not as simple as the ones below 10k therefore you
have to calculate a little on your own! You must figure out how much profit you want on each
card on your own! I made a list with a few examples of how I like to list my players. A little
example of how you should calculate your profit: (remember 5% ea tax) Bought for 10000; sold
for 11000; after-tax-Profit is 400 coins = 4% <- avoid doing this! Sold for 11750; after-tax-profit
is 1200 = 12%, which is more than 10% of 10000 <- do this instead Buy players with at least 7
contracts, more is better Try to get good Chem styles on your players aswell! This increases
the chance to get a sale! Especially on players above 10k!
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