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AC Case Study

Campaign Performance Analysis & Budget Allocation
A retailer of eyewear products (contact lens & eye-glasses) has been running different campaigns for its
customers over time and have results from that (see attached campaign performance report). They have
run these campaigns on existing customers using customer level campaign response probability scores.
The CRM Director, looking at the report over coffee one of the Friday evenings wonders:
1) “Do the individual factors or combination of factors included in the aggregated campaign
performance have an impact on individual customer’s response vs non-response? If such impact
exists, can those be analytically quantified?”
2) “I am thinking this report would help me allocate my high-level campaign budget across products,
months etc. at an aggregated level but I would need a customer level score to help me select best
customers given the overall budget limit for that product x month x milestone etc.”
3) “Based on the results of the above, can I get a strategy for optimized allocation of my next year’s
marketing budget of USD 2MM across relevant combinations, assuming individual customer
volume selection based on scores remains consistent?”
Additional inputs:
Cost per mail – 25 cents.
Maximum mailable customer base – 10MM.
The CRM Director is looking for your analytical expertise in answering the above. Please outline your
thoughts, perform the necessary analyses calling out assumptions made if any that are required to answer
the above question.
Other considerations:
Your response can be in the form of short presentation with supporting material in spreadsheets as
In your presentation use the results of the analysis in designing a simple, but effective strategy to achieve
the goal of CRM director
Present snippets of the analytics you performed with the data (We will be interested in the quality of
insights you have to provide)