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Why Gender Matters Lesson Plan

21st Century Ladies and Gentleman - Lesson Plan
Charles Smith
While teaching middle school (6th grade) I have noticed a marked increase in the
decline of appropriate relationships and expectations between and within the sexes.
This has led to an uptic in sexting, online bullying, anxiety, etc.
This lesson is designed to provide students with a workable understanding of the
differences between the genders and how to appropriately relate with their peers of the
same sex as welll as the opposite sex. It also serves to help my students define and put
into practice a positive self image.
A positive self image, as viewed throught the lens of 21st century adolescents, is vital to
reduce the growing trend of identity crisis, inappropriate ideologies about gender and its
roles, and the growth of depression and suicide amongst early teens.
Students will take a series of self inventories to provide a picture of who they are.
These will include, but not necessarily be limited to the following:
A. Learning styles
B. Emotional Response
C. Gender differences
D. Understanding the opposite sex
Daily Topics
A. Differences
1. How we think
2. How we act
B. Biology
1. Smelling, Seeing, & Hearing
2. Brain Science
C. Risk Takers
1. Is it worth it?
a) Consequences vs. Outcomes
b) Are we wired differently?
2. What drives the engine of risk?
D. Violence and Aggression
1. Social differences between the sexes
a) “Boy” fights vs. “Girl” fights
b) Bullying
(1) In-person
(2) Cyber
2. Social Media and Video Games
a) What to post?
b) Set limits
c) Make a plan with your parents
E. School
1. How to approach a teacher
2. What to do when you feel “stuck”
3. Success vs. Achievement
F. Relationships
1. Modern definition of gentleman and ladies
a) Respect yourself
b) Respect Others
2. Dangerous Ground
a) “Hooking up”
b) Sexting
I will continue to create a space for students to log, journal, etc. their thoughts and
feelings on a variety of topics. The evaluation of this process will be ongoing as we
attempt to redefine the “norms” of today. Students need to develop a sense of
understanding that there is a difference between the sexes that needs to be celebrate,
while at the same time learning that they will not necessarily fall into a mold of what is