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Garbage waste shit

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Waste management is one of the major problems in the Philippines, in
2017 the country generates about 35,000 tons of garbage daily while
Metropolitan Manila produces roughly 8,600 alone. While there are
solutions to the solid waste problem like recycling, composting,
constructions of sanitary landfills, proper segregation to the household
levels, we, the researchers of this project decided to make an
instrument that will be for the benefit of the environment.
The Pytragen converts waste into a usable bio-fuel by using pyrolysis.
The pyrolysis process starts by heating an organic material at high
temperature with zero oxygen so the organic material will refuse to
combust leading the chemical compounds that make up the material
decompose instead into combustible gases and charcoal.
The Pytragen is a waste-to-energy technology, not only it makes the
environment cleaner it also helps save energy consumption.
Scope and Delimitation
The PYTRAGEN aims to provide a bio-oil and biogas that comes from our waste, it also can help other people and
save our environment from being contamination.
The following are the scope of the project:
The device converts garbage into bio-oil and biogas that
can be used to power a diesel generator, water pump
and even vehicles.
Equipped with solar panel which used to charge the
battery of the MCU.
The device is easy to operate.
An MCU is integrated into the system to be able to
monitor its condition.
It allows the recycling of waste mixed plastics that
cannot be efficiently recycled by alternative means
Most commodity hydrocarbon plastics are suitable for
The device uses biomass and plastic waste except metals
and ceramics.
The garbage should be dry.
It might cause air pollution because of burning, but it
might be better than putting it in landfills
The quality of the bio-oil is also low grade and cannot be
used in all applications where fossil fuels are used
• The design of Pyrolysis Reactor (Feed/Pyrolyser) in terms of:
• How much pressure can withstand
• How much biomass or garbage can deposit
• Efficiency of the system
• Test the system in terms of:
• Amount of bio-oil, char and biogas can produce
• How much firewood or rice husk can be consumed
• Operating Time