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Fast Foods and obesity

Name: Joshua Johnson.
Date: January 3, 2022.
Subject: Language Arts.
Fast food and obesity
Eating too much fast foods can lead to obesity and diabetes.Fast food restaurants are
many peoples go to places where they get food when they are hungry,fast foods are very
unhealthy .Fast foods are foods that are(as implied in there name) are cooked in a hurry,
today I will be stating 3 things to prove my point, they are :what it can lead to, the
dangers of eating too much fast foods and the healthier alternatives to fast foods.
First and foremost, an addiction to fast food can be deadly as fast foods are loaded
with calories and low in nutrients. Meaning if you where to eat it everyday you could (and
more than likely will) become obese and develop diabetes which can end fatally. Obesity
is when your body is collecting more calories than it can it can burn and diabetes is a
cardiovascular disease that has different stages. Both of these can help reach closer to
deaths door or send you to the Hospital. Those are the side effects to eating too much
junk/fast foods.
Secondly, let’s talk about what are the dangers of eating too much fast foods. As I
have stated before, eating too much fast foods can lead too obesity and diabetes, but
what makes it even more dangerous is something I stated before, low nutrients. Due to
lots of fatty oils and grease, there is less nutrients, meaning that your body is not
getting enough nutrients. This can end fatally or leave you malnourished. This is why
many people die everyday or are in the Hospital.
Lastly,fast foods are unhealthy, that’s why I will be stating some alternatives to fast
foods. Vegetables and fruits are two healthy alternatives as they both give your body
the necessary vitamins and nutrients to you keep alive and help lower the chases for you
to get obese and become diabetic. These things can also help strengthen your immune
system. Those are the alternatives to fast foods.
As can clearly be seen. I have stated what eating too much fast foods can lead to, the
dangers of eating too much and some healthier alternatives. Many people eat fast foods
and die because of over dose. These are 3 reasons why fast food is bad for you.