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Rainia and Sunnya
A long time ago in the sky there lived 3 Gods, one simply named God who had control of
everything in the world, Rainia who had control of the rain and there was Sunnya who had
control of the sunlight Rainia and Sunnya didn't like each other so God gave them a test so they
could get along with each other and let them take control of Planet Earth he said “I shall give you
a reward if you shall complete the test”. At the start of test they barely talked to each other but
catered to the people of Planet Earth’s needs one day they had a little quarrel and both of them
refused to work together this made an impact on the people’s lives one day while looking over
Earth they saw a crying child who was starving because his father’s farms didn't do well because
of lack of sunlight and water Sunnya and Rainia felt bad for the kid and went back to working
with each other despite not liking each other. All was well till one day they had an argument over
who was more important. Rainia argued that water is more important than sunlight and said that
without water all the plants, animals, and people would die. Sunnya was very stubborn and still
said that sunlight was more important than water. Sunnya being mad at Rainia refused to give the
people anymore sunlight to prove her point. Without anymore sunlight the ecosystem died first
the plants died because they couldn't do photosynthesis anymore and with the plants all dead the
herbivores then all died because they didn't have anything to eat and then the carnivores and with
no more plants and animals all their people starved to death. God was mad at Sunnya and Rainia
and punished them both but God was willing to give them a second chance. They were grateful
and grieved over the death of their people and promised to each other never to fight anymore and
both agreed they were equally important and the people need both sunlight and water equally to