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Pre- Immersion – Grade 12
Quarter 3 – Module 5: Appreciaitng the Importance of Credentials
First Edition, 2020
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Published by the Department of Education - Schools Division of Pasig City
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Printed in the Philippines by Department of Education – Schools
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Module 51
Appreciating the Importance
of Credentials
Introductory Message
For the facilitator:
Welcome to the Pre- Work Immersion -G-12 Module on Appreciating
Importance of Credentials!
This module was collaboratively designed, developed and reviewed by educators from
Schools Division Office of Pasig City headed by its Officer-In-Charge Schools Division
Superintendent, Ma. Evalou Concepcion A. Agustin in partnership with the Local
Government of Pasig through its mayor, Honorable Vico Sotto.
The writers utilized the standards set by the K to 12 Curriculum using the Most Essential
Learning Competencies (MELC) while overcoming their personal, social, and economic
constraints in schooling.
This learning material hopes to engage the learners into guided and
independent learning activities at their own pace and time. Further, this also
aims to help learners acquire the needed 21st century skills especially the 5
Cs namely: Communication, Collaboration, Creativity, Critical Thinking and
Character while taking into consideration their needs and circumstances.
In addition to the material in the main text, you will also see this box in the
body of the module:
Notes to the Teacher
This contains helpful tips or strategies
that will help you in guiding the
As a facilitator you are expected to orient the learners on how to use this
module. You also need to keep track of the learners' progress while allowing
them to manage their own learning. Moreover, you are expected to encourage
and assist the learners as they do the tasks included in the module.
For the learner:
Welcome to the Pre Work Immersion Module on Module on Appreciating
Importance of Credentials!
The hand is one of the most symbolized parts of the human body. It is often
used to depict skill, action and purpose. Through our hands we may learn,
create and accomplish. Hence, the hand in this learning resource signifies
that you as a learner is capable and empowered to successfully achieve the
relevant competencies and skills at your own pace and time. Your academic
success lies in your own hands!
This module was designed to provide you with fun and meaningful
opportunities for guided and independent learning at your own pace and time.
You will be enabled to process the contents of the learning material while
being an active learner.
This module has the following parts and corresponding icons:
Expectation - These are what you will be able to know after
completing the lessons in the module
Pre-test - This will measure your prior knowledge and
the concepts to be mastered throughout the lesson.
Recap - This section will measure what learnings and
skills that you understand from the previous lesson.
Lesson- This section will discuss the topic for this
Activities - This is a set of activities you will perform.
Wrap Up- This section summarizes the concepts and
applications of the lessons.
Valuing-this part will check the integration of values in
the learning competency.
Posttest - This will measure how much you have learned
from the entire module. Ito po ang parts ng module
This is your self-learning module on Pre-Immersion. All the activities
provided in this lesson will help you learn and understand Appreciating
Importance of Credentials!
After going through this module, you are expected to:
1. get familiarized with the different credentials for a job;
2. practice filling out forms and writing application letter; and
3. give the importance of the functions of credentials for a job.
Directions: Identify the kind of form or certificate being described by the following
statements. Write B if it is Barangay Certificate; R if it is Resume; P if it is a Police
Clearance; M if it is Mayor’s Permit, or C if it is Medical Certificate.
_____1. This certificate must be based on facts known to the doctor, including the
practitioner’s own observations as well as information provided by the patient.
_____2. This document is issued to a person to prove and certify he or she is free and
cleared from any case, liability, crime, offense, and bad record in the local town or
municipality he or she is currently residing.
____3. The recent cedula and ID are the two important requirements for this
____4. A brief document used to summarize a job seeker’s experience and
qualifications for a prospective employer.
____5. It is used as supporting documents to medical certificates, affidavits, and
whenever any office requests or requires it.
From your last module, you learned about confidentiality in the workplace and
conflict resolution. Suppose you work in a police station or a law firm and signed a
confidentiality agreement regarding all their cases at hand, suddenly your friend who
was a suspect to a crime asked you for some documents that are in your office’s
possession that may help him in his case. How would you deal with the situation?
Briefly write your reaction to this scenario.
One of the duties and responsibilities of the Work Immersion students is to
prepare the documentations and reports required in the curriculum and by the
partner institution. It is assumed that after your work immersion, you either study
in college or land for a job.
When you start applying for a job, you will realize that more often than not, a
college degree is not enough for you to be qualified. Nowadays, employers are usually
looking for a “complete” package; not only you should be competent in your chosen
field, but you should also be able to exhibit a pleasing personality and above average
speaking and writing skills. Although these may not be directly related to your job,
these can surely facilitate effective communication both within the workplace and
potential clients.
One of the most important aspects of workplace communication involves the
reading and writing of on-the-job texts. These are treated as official company
documents because of this, they should be treated with utmost care.
Resume is a short document used to summarize a job seeker’s experience
and qualifications for a prospective employer. It includes the job seeker’s
contact information, work experience, education, and relevant skills in
support of a job application.
Through this record of both your personal background and accomplishments,
it helps the employers to evaluate whether you are qualified for a particular job or
1. A well-organized, tailored resume will increase your chances of landing in an
2. It gives the hiring manager an overview of the qualifications you have for the
job for which you’re applying.
Tips in Writing a Resume
Begin resume by writing your full name, address, telephone number, fax, a*
Write an objective. The objective is a short sentence describing what type of
work you hope to obtain.
Use dynamic action verbs such as accomplished, collaborated, encouraged,
established, facilitated, founded, managed, etc.
Begin work experience with your most recent job. Include the company
specifics and your responsibilities.
Do not use the subject 'I', use tenses in the past, except for your present job.
Example: Conducted routine inspections of on-site equipment.
Place your work experience before your education. In English speaking
countries, especially in the United States, work experience is the most
important factor in hiring.
Ask for permission to use someone as a reference before you interview for a
position. It's also a good idea to let your references know that you will be
interviewing if you haven't interviewed for a while. In this way, references will
be in the loop if a potential employer calls or sends an email for further
information. But don’t include the contact information of your references on
your resume. The phrase available upon request will suffice.
Your entire resume should ideally not be any longer than one page. If you have
had a number of years of experience specific to the job you are applying for,
two pages are also acceptable.
Aside from producing a resume, you also have to learn how to write business
letter. It is an official form of communication used for several business purposes
such as presenting proposal, filing a leave, or even in applying for a job.
Below is an example of application letter applying for a higher position. Study
the parts and its content.
September 19, 2020
Mr. John Wu
Chief Executive Officer
JW Group of Companies
Ayala Avenue, Makati Philippines
Dear Mr. Wu:
Greetings of peace!
I am Nicholas C. Reyes, and I believe that my work experience and
educational background qualify me to be the Vice President for Operations of
JW Group of Companies.
My venture into the professional world started when I was in college. All that
time I decided to work as a service crew at Jollibee Katipunan in order to
orient myself with the rudiments of the fast food business, and perhaps, how
medium and large scale business operate in general. Because of my
dedication as an employee and my foresight, I was later on promoted as the
outlet’s store manager. Nonetheless, this was only beginning of my
professional growth. Later on, I landed in managerial and executive positions
in two other companies and eventually earned my master’s degree in
business administration (MBA). Thus, at this point in my life, I feel that I have
already acquired sufficient experiences
To enable me to efficiently oversee the operations of your company.
Should you decide to hire me, I promise to do my best to ensure the growth of
your company.
Thank you so much for going through my application. I am looking forward to
working with you soon.
Nicolas C. Reyes
Another important skill you need to learn is filling out application forms.
Most employers, colleges, training organizations etc. produce their own application
form, which you need to complete when applying for a job, course or training
program. This is your first opportunity to create a good impression and meet the
standards and criteria set by the company, college, and training organization.
Remember you only get one chance to make an initial good impression.
The time taken to complete an application form can be rewarded with an
interview, therefore allow yourself plenty of time to complete the form.
Read the following guidelines to help you.
Read the whole form carefully before completing it.
Make a rough copy and ask someone to check it.
Write neatly and use black ink or biro.
Follow instructions exactly, it may ask for BLOCK CAPITALS in some sections.
Answer the questions fully, using sentences where possible.
Write your address in full, not forgetting the post code.
Make sure you list all course and qualifications. List examinations taken or about
to be taken. Enter estimated grades if known.
Complete the section on previous employment by entering part-time jobs, paid or
voluntary, and your work experience placement.
Include the things you enjoy doing in your spare-time in the interests and
activities section.
Use the opportunity to sell yourself in the section which asks for further
information. Try to relate your strengths to the skills and qualities that the
employer will be looking for.
Check if your application is accurate and has no misspelled words.
Keep a copy of your application form for future reference.
Use your Personal Education Plan (PEP)/progress file and action plan to help you
complete the form.
Return your application form promptly – there is often a closing date for receipt
of applications.
Don’t leave blank spaces, write ‘not applicable’ (N/A for short) or none to
questions that do not apply to you.
Besides resume and application forms, you will also need other documents such
as: Barangay clearance, Police clearance, mayor’s clearance and medical
certificate. How do you get them? You have to visit the barangay hall, and other
offices where they are being processed.
What is Barangay Clearance?
This certificate is usually requested for employment requirements, ID
application, supporting documents in application to government agencies,
supporting documents to medical certificates, Affidavits, and whenever any office
requests or requires it.
The certificate is signed by the Barangay Chairman. Stamped and sealed
with the official Barangay Seal.
Barangay Clearance Requirements:
Recent Cedula (Community Tax Certificate)
Application Form
Application Fee (may vary depending on the Barangay, some barangays charge fee)
Valid ID
Steps in securing the Barangay Certificate (may vary in different barangays)
Look for the location of entrance especially during this new normal.
Wait for temperature check.
Log in and get a number.
Wait until your number is called.
Fill out a given request slip.
Wait again until your clearance is signed by the Barangay Chairman.
Your name will be again called.
7. No fee is collected unless for business purposes.
What is Police Clearance?
Police Clearance is a
document issued to a person
to prove and certify that
he/she is free and cleared
from any case, liability,
crime, offense, and bad
record in the local town or
municipality he/ she is
currently residing. The Police
Department or PNP Station is
authorized to issue this
certificate to any individual
under its jurisdiction.
Police Clearance is usually requested when you apply for a job either local or
abroad or when you need to show some supporting documents in applying for an
ID like passport or when a government agency or any office requires it. Police
clearance is valid for 6 months while NBI is valid for one year.
Mayor’s Clearance
Individuals need to secure a Mayor’s Clearance before they can apply for a
firearms license. People seeking employment are sometimes also required to secure
the same. This is especially true of applicants to the Philippine National Police
(PNP). Some schools and overseas employment agencies require their
students/recruits to secure a Certificate of Good Moral Character before they are
allowed to enroll or apply.
Original Copy of Police Clearance
Latest Community Tax Certificate
Official Receipt from the Municipal Treasury Office
1. Filing / Recording of request. Submit documents required to the receiving
clerk or employee-in-charge.
2. Preparation of Clearance or Certification Staff prepares the Clearance of
3. Approval of the Municipal Mayor Municipal Mayor approves the Clearance or
4. Release of Clearance or Certification. Client leaves 1 copy with the Records
Section for file.
Obtaining a Medical Certificate
It is so important for medical practitioners to keep in mind their legal and
professional responsibilities when issuing medical certificates. When issuing a
medical certificate, it must be honest and not misleading. Practitioners may only
sign medical certificates they believe, to be completely accurate. This means the
medical certificate must be based on facts known to the doctor. Many doctors
require a consultation before providing a medical certificate. This includes the
practitioner’s own observations as well as information provided by the patient. Any
medical statements in the certificate must have a factual basis. With this being
said, medical practitioners may decline to issue a certificate. This may occur if they
do not consider that absence from work is necessary given the nature of the illness.
This could also be if a certificate is requested retrospectively. The practitioner must
be confident about the facts of the matter.
What should be included in a medical certificate?
In order to be considered valid, documentation of a medical certificate must
Being in the form of an official, original & hard copy document.
The name and address of the practitioner issuing the certificate are clearly stated.
Date of the certificate is written and signed by the practitioner.
Date of the medical examination.
The condition of degree of incapacity of the patient.
Date the medical practitioner considers the patient is likely to be recovered.
Be addressed to the party requiring the certificate as evidence of illness, for
example, an employer, insurer or magistrate.
Sample of Medical Certificate Form
Name of Hospital
Medical Certificate
To Whom It May Concern:
This is to certify that I have personally examined ___________________________________age _______, sex
__________, born on ___________________ and have found that he/she is physically fit, during the time
of examination, to do the work immersion at Opol LGU.
Physical Examination
Date Examined: _____________
Height: ______________Weight: ___________________Blood Pressure: ___________
Pulse, Resting: ____________________Respiratory Rate: ______________________
Other Remarks
Other findings
If Yes, please specify
Food allergy
Undergone Operation
Kidney infection
Heart ailment
Medical Officer
For Work Immersion Only
Job Interview Skills
Developing skills in interview is a must for all would-be young professionals,
who, after graduating from Senior High School or College will certainly apply for a
A job interview is an interview consisting of a conversation between a job
applicant and a representative of an employer which is conducted to assess whether
the applicant should be hired. How you answer questions during job interview can
have a big impact on you being hired or accepted as an employee.
The interview is frequently impromptu in character. There are two general types:
1. Private interview consists of talking between an employer and a job applicant
or between school official and student seeking admission into college. In this
kind of talk, the person interviewed is assessed and evaluated by means of his
responses during the interview, by his personal appearance and by his
qualities as a candidate for acceptance or admission into the organization.
2. The public interview is a formal or informal talk performed before a large group
of audience who may or may not be present within the premises where the
interview takes place.
Activity 1: My Resume
Directions: Suppose you are applying for a job after graduation this School Year. On
a bond paper prepare a resume following the simple template below. You may also
look for other templates you can use.
Home Address
Contact No.
Email Address
Name of School
Senior High School
Junior High School
Field of Study
Relevant Work Experience
Describe your responsibilities and
achievements in terms of impact
and results. Use examples, but
keep it short.
Include also the year and place you
got your experience.
List your strengths relevant for the
role/position you are applying for
Secial Awards/ Honors/
It’s okay to brag about your GPA,
awards, and honors. Feel free to
summarize your coursework too.
Activities and Interests
Use this section to highlight your
relevant passions, activities, and
how you like to give back. It’s good
to include Leadership and volunteer
experiences here. Or show off
important extras like publications,
Year Graduated
certifications, languages and more.
Include other important
Clubs & Organizations
List down your membership or
leadership in the organizations you
Activity 2:
Application Letter Making
Directions: Since you have already made your resume, you are now ready to make
your application letter which will be attached to the resume. On another bond paper,
submit a copy of your application letter following all the parts. Read again the sample
given on the lesson.
Activity 3: Mock Interview
Directions: Imagine that an employer does an interview to you because you are
applying for a job after your Senior HS. Write your answers on a sheet of paper. Here
are some selected questions that might be asked from you. Choose at least five (5)
questions and answer them in written form. Use another sheet of bond paper for
your answers.
1. If your colleagues had an opportunity to tell us your primary strength what would
that be? Your primary weakness-what would that be?
2. What do you do when others resist of reject your ideas or actions?
3. What is your interpretation of “success?”
4. Suppose you are in a situation where deadlines and priorities change frequently
and rapidly. How would you handle it?
5. Tell me about a time when you were a part of a great team. What was your part in
the success of your team?
6. How would you describe an ideal work immersion supervisor?
To wrap-up everything you have learned today, read and answer the following
questions on a sheet of paper.
1. What are the different parts of a resume?
2. In what ways can a resume be arranged? Which do you think is best to use?
3. Why are these credentials such as Barangay Clearance, Police Clearance,
Mayor’s Clearance or certificate and Medical Certificate important?
4. Why do you need to attach a resume to an application letter?
Upon learning your lessons today and upon filling out those forms as well as writing
your application letter, what did you realize? What particular value or quality should
you possess to completely enhance your skill and why? You may answer it in a 100
word – paragraph.
Directions: Choose the letter of the correct answer.
_____1. Which of the following is NOT applicable in filling out forms?
A. Check that your application is accurate and has no spelling mistakes.
B. Answer the questions fully, using sentences where possible.
C. Use the opportunity to sell yourself in the section which ask for
further information. Try to relate your strengths to the skills and
qualities that the employer will be looking for.
D. Use only the barangay or town you belong in the address section.
_____2. What does it mean with this statement: The interview is frequently
impromptu in character?
A. Questions are scripted.
B. Questions are on the spot.
C. Questions are given ahead of time.
D. Questions are written at the door before the time of interview.
_____3. What should be included in the medical certificate?
A. Date the medical practitioner considers the patient is likely to be recovered.
B. Number of days of sickness
C. Date of the very first check up
D. Date and sequence of vaccination
Let us avoid all of the above as a choice
_____4. Which of the statements is true for a resume?
A. Start your work experience by writing the very first work you had.
B. Membership in organizations, military service, and any other special
accomplishments is not necessary.
C. It gives the hiring manager an overview of the qualifications you have for
the job for which you’re applying.
D. End you resume by writing your full name, address, telephone number,
fax, and email at the top of the resume.
___5. What quality is not applied in an interview?
A. Aggressiveness
B. Courtesy
C. Flexibility
D. Tactfulness
1. C
2. P
3. B
4. R
5. B
Activities 1, 2 & 3
Answers may vary
1. D
2. B
3, A
4. C
5. A
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