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Tests for Coupler

7.2 Slipping and failure force
7.2.1 Slipping force Fs (RA,SW,PA,SF)
To determine the resistance of Fs of a coupler to slipping along a tube and the relative
displacements between the tube and the coupler.
7.2.2 Failure force Ff (RA,SW,PA)
To determine the resistance of Ff, of a coupler at failure.
7.3 Pull-apart force Fp (RA)
To determine the resistance of Fp of the coupler by separating into two parts.
7.4 Stiffnesses and ultimate moments
7.4.1 Cruciform bendingstiffness c1,MB and c2,MB and bending moment MB (RA)
To determined the bending moment of resistance MB and the cruciform bending stiffness cϕ1,MB
and cϕ2,MB of a coupler.W
7.4.2 Rotational moment MT and the stiffness cϕ,MT (RA)
To determine the rotational moment resistance of MT and the stiffness c,MT to a coupler slipping
around a tube.
7.4.3 Bending moment resistance (SF)
To determine the ultimate bending moment resistance MB of a sleeve coupler.
7.5 Indentation (RA,SW,PA)
To determine the local plastic deformation of tubes caused by forces transmitted by a coupler.