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Highest Paid Twitch Streamers for 2022

When it comes to live streaming platforms, Twitch has emerged as the
leader. Most of us remember the Justin TV days—it was where one could
watch webcams from all kinds of locations around the world. Now?
The world is on Twitch with more than 2 million unique streamers per
month, with an average of 6 billion minutes watched monthly. And it's not
standing still. According to a 2016 report which asked consumers what
services they would like Amazon to offer, video games came in first
followed by mainstream video conferencing services (which are now
offered by Amazon) Buy Twitch Viewers.
Now, Twitch provides subscription-based features that allow viewers to
join favorite streamers in co-watching and chat conversations
CriticalRole were paid more than $10 million
The team started back in 2012 when they began playing the fantasy
tabletop RPG "Dungeons & Dragons" games together. As of now, they
have one of the biggest channels on Twitch. There aren't many concept
channels on Twitch, but Critical Role is the first one that has been so
popular among viewers who are fond of their gameplay and voice acting.
What is also remarkable about this channel is that whilst it was initially
conceived as a late-night show for adults only, it has become a huge hit
with all audiences, which makes for entertaining content for everyone!
xQc got around $8 million
According to the official data, xQc has earned more than $8 million
playing video games on Twitch. He is very active on the platform since he
interacts with his audience often and engages them in friendly chat.
xQc is the most popular Canadian gamer on twitch and also a kind
individual who cares deeply about his fans as can be seen not just from
watching him play Counter-Strike but from following some of his other
content as well where he has worked extensively in various charitable
endeavors knowing that his popularity can serve a purpose for those less
Summit1g earned $5 million
Occurrences were very successful on Twitch in 2021. The success of a
streamer is considered to be his subscriptions, coupled with live viewers
and donations that he receives. Lazar started the year only with 24
followers, but by the end he claimed 6 million – this achievement makes
him rivaled only by Ninja for Youtube (who claims 4 million). Although
Lazar does not receive any ads or sponsorship and has never advertised
himself, his viewership increases every day and have managed to keep up
ever since his first time streaming.