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Opening Statement ADR

Good afternoon, everyone. I hope I am audible to everyone.
I hope all of you are doing great in these hard times. First, I would like to heartily thank the
Teachers Union to agree for this negotiation before taking any serious action. Secondly, I thank
M/s Saumya for explaining the process so beautifully and assuring both the parties of the
As you all know my name is Mr. Bruno Fernandez, the president of the District and I am here
with my counsel Mr. Lisa Shaw. I clearly state that I have the complete authority to close this
matter. I hope that we shall be able to address and resolve all our problems in a smooth and
amicable manner.
We all know why we have gathered here but let me state the reasons once for this decision of
the district, to open up the schools. Education as we all are aware of is the basic necessity in a
person’s life and you as teachers know this better than anyone in the world. COVID-19 came
as an unprecedented shock to everyone and disrupted the already established mechanisms of
education and forcing everyone to rely upon the online teaching method.
This method has adversely affected the students and has startled their mental health
development; lack of discipline, guidance, no person to keep a check on them are few of the
many drawbacks that have come with this online mode of education. We see so many memes
featuring online classes; now they might seem funny but they showcase the harsh reality of this
method and is clearly an indication to switch back to normal means of education.
Now, this urgency to switch in no ways gives us the right to play with anyone’s precious life.
I am sure everyone is aware of the dreadful impacts of the virus and hence to ensure safety we
have put in a lot of preventive mechanisms in order already.
The same shall be covered by my counsel.
Thank you for patiently hearing me out.
Eric- Client
Anna- Counsel
Requirement: 12 + 49 + 3= 64 peoples per school
320 for 5 schools.
1. Provision of quarantine centres with a future plan of action. check
2. No delays in re-opening of schools for KG to 2nd at least.
3. Guarantee of no strikes for the next 2 months.
4. Re-opening of school as soon as possible. High admission numbers for payment of