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English 9
Learning Task 5
1. What does the article say about the medical frontliners' situation in the country?
The article talks about the struggles of the medical frontliners in the country. In spite of their heroism,
they still experience discrimination and harassment from the people they serve. Given the danger and
extreme risk, for they are greatly exposed to the virus, they still do their duties and responsibilities for
their fellowmen.
2. How can the situation influence the Filipino medical frontliners?
The given situations might affect the Filipino medical frontliners in terms of their motivation. If people
continue to ridicule them and the government doesn’t provide what they deserve, they might lose their
passion to serve.
3. How should this situation be addressed?
The government and the people should support them morally and financially. We should treat them as a
local hero by giving them some sort of encouragements, praises, and commendations.
4. What Filipino values can be gained from the given text?
There are many Filipino values that can be gained from the article. Some of these are being adaptable,
being hardworking, and the ability to survive in the difficult situation.
5. Based on the article, trace the development of your thinking. Use the graphic organizer below to jot
down your initial and final perspectives concerning other people’s circumstances.
Observing Others’ Circumstances
Initial: At first, I thought being a medical frontliner is easy. It’s pretty cool wearing Personal Protective
Equipment and the people would look at you as a hero because you save lives.
Final: After reading the article, I have realized that being a medical frontliner is not that easy. You have
to take care of the patients to save their lives. Also, considering the struggles they are experiencing, lack
of support, harassment and discrimination, it’s not a joke.
Learning Task 6
What do the first four lines establish?
The first four lines establish the poem’s theme and introduces its form.
2. What message does the persona forward to his allies?
The speaker tries to convince his allies/oppressed people to fight back against those oppressors. They
must stand up and fight for their freedom.
3. How does the persona describe his enemies?
The persona describes his enemies as horrifying, inhuman creatures: “mad and hungry dogs” and
4. According to the poet, how can one die nobly?
To die nobly is to fight back against abusive enemies, even suicidal.
5. Using the Venn diagram below, compare and contrast the specific messages and/or values presented
in the poem and in the article in Learning Task 5.
Health workers speak to UNICEF about their struggles: The article talks about the medical fronliners who
are abused and harassed by many because of what they do.
If We Must Die: The poem tells us to learn how to fight back and depend ourselves from the abusive
Similarity: The oppressors or people who abuse some should stop their wrongdoings.
Learning Task 8:
O – Of all the things that you greatly do
U – Under the difficult circumstances
R – Rest assured that we will salute you because
H – Having you is one of our chances to
E – End this global pandemic.
R – Remember that we are here to support you
O – Our real-time hero.
How can you be an advocate of positive values in this modern world? In your notebook, create your own
slogan advocating the unchanging values in the VUCA world.
“The world keeps on changing, but the positive values should remain.”
Health 9
Activity Case Study
Answer: 5
1. Yes, I will benefit from the choices I have made because it’s for my own safety.
2. It is safe, because by consulting to Doctor who is expert on that field, he/she knows what should I
3. Yes, it helps solve my problem.
4. Yes, because I know I made the right decision.