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Time Management-Arivazhagan

“Do not squander time, because it is the stuff life is made of.” Benjamin Franklin
We all have the same amount of TIME – 168 hours a week. So, here’s the deal. The only
question we need to ask ourselves is – HOW am I INVESTING it?
Fellow toastmasters and wonderful guests, Very good Afternoon
Travel with me to hear the story of “Kaala Vyuham”, Strategy of Time..
One day a Dreary Disciple came to meet his guru. Seeing his sishya’s dull face, the guru asked,
“What happened, why you look so gloomy?”
The Disciple replied, “I just followed whatever you said. Prepared the to-do list one day before.
Tried to complete all the tasks from that list. But I was unable to complete all the tasks from the
list. At least two to three tasks were missing out. I'm even working late at midnight. Seems 24
hours is not enough for me”
Guru Said” Don’t worry, I have special mantra to increase the number of hours of a day”
Disciples become enthusiastic now.
Now Guru asked him again “Usually what time will wake up”
“Because I’m trying to complete the daily tasks upto late night, I used to woke up late in the
morning guru”
It's ok! I will teach you the special mantra tomorrow, so come here early before the sunrise,
Guru advised the Disciple.
He left the place with hope and lots of excitement.
Next day he came very early and saw the guru was still meditating.. After a while, the Guru
woke up and greeted him with a smile.
“It is the time for sunrise, let’s begin after prayer” Guru said
After the prayer, the Guru said, ``I forgot to mention one thing - to learn the special mantra we
need to repeat this prayer for 21 days, only then you will be eligible to learn the mantra” So from
tomorrow follow the same prayer in your home for 21 days then come, I will teach you the
special mantra.
He came back after 22 days, Guru asked “Have u complete the prayer for 21 days” he replied
“Yes guru”
“How did you manage to get up early?” Guru asked. “I have never seen the sun rise before. To
learn the special mantra, I have made a special effort to get up early for the first few days. Later
it was not hard for me” Disciple replied.
“Ok, are you ready to learn the special Mantra?” Guru asked. “No need guru, after waking up
early, I have got a few hours extra which made my life easier than before. I was able to
complete the daily tasks even before my regular bed time. I just came to inform you” the
Disciple replied.
Have you got the clue??
When we talk about TIME MANAGEMENT – We are really talking about ENERGY
MANAGEMENT. Our energies change, just like the seasons of our life do. Our body and mind
also change throughout the day. So we need to find our Prime time
Prime time is the best part of our day... Everyone has different prime time but in my view prime
time is the fresh morning where our mind and body will be fresh. Try to find your prime time. At
this time you can do your hard work with ease.
Schedule most important works during this time. Schedule the non-important tasks after the
prime time.
Time is simply a MEASUREMENT. But speaks volumes about what you value. We all have the
same amount of TIME – 168 hours a week. So HOW am I INVESTING it?
In the story, I am the Disciple and this Toastmasters Project was my Guru.
Before I started the Time management exercise, when I tracked my daily activities, I was losing
5 hours in the morning in the event of completing 1-2 hours tasks in the night. This Project woke
me up and gave me a Special Mantra.
I truly believe – that one of our greatest gifts we have – is TIME.
But a gift is only as good as its recipient.
it doesn’t matter how we’ve spent it yesterday – It is in the past
We don’t know what is waiting for us tomorrow, it is in the future
What we only have is today – it is our PRESENT. We’ve been gifted!
Make the best use of your time