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It is true to say that "Hard-earned trust can swiftly fade when violated, which might impede
the organization's success." Honesty and integrity are crucial characteristics in the profile of
the best potential employees. People step forward freely when they are trusted, and they
operate optimally, collaboratively, and efficiently. They share a shared goal, take calculated
risks, think creatively, assist one another, and communicate honestly and freely. If there
isn't, individuals compete for vacancies, hoard data, avoid taking risks, and
discussing others rather than with them, which can endanger the company's image, cause
increased employee turnover, less chance of recruiting potential quality candidates,
loosing business opportunities, lower staff morale, increased stress among the staff
members, as well as decreased teamwork effectiveness.
Lies and half-truths, actions not compatible with words, keeping secret information,
demeaning attitudes, and a lack of support for worker development are some of the issues
they list. When I was a restaurant manager, I had a personal experience where the cash
register was handled by the waiters because they charged and gave change to their
customers. However, when I counted the box, there was always a lack of money, and my
trust in the waiters began to erode, and I had to make the decision to be the person in
charge of handling the box all of the time. Managers may allow this to happen if they give
their staff too much confidence or trust while failing to follow the regulations. When we
should define and follow rules so that the loss of confidence does not have such an impact,
we allow people carry us.