Guided Writing
Types of Guided Writing:
Pros and Cons
Table Analysing method
Grammar: Present + Past Participle
Elite VIP
Cohesive advice
4-5 paragraphs (150 words)
Factual & Persuasive
1. Simple Fact
E.g., The advent of the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed every part of our
lives. Students from all walks of life are no longer studying in a brick-and-mortar classroom setting,
instead we all attend online school.
2. Bold statement (express opinion in a brave way)
E.g., The advent of the Covid-19 virus has hindered the normal lifestyles of every Tom, Dick and Harry
(people from all walks of life) drastically. The cases of individuals tested positive for the virus are
cropping out on an alarming rate.
3. Elite proverb / quote
E.g., Benjamin Franklin once quoted, an once of prevention is worth a pound of cure. With the outbreak
of Covid-19 since late 2019, it has become a global health crisis which caused million deaths. Hence, our
government has implemented a Movement Control Order (MCO) to flatten the curve of Covid-19 cases
in Malaysia.
4. Rhetorical question (the million-dollar question is…)
1. Elite Proverb / Quote
2. Actionable advice
E.g., Even though there are endless repercussions of online games, but I believe there is always a light at
the end of the tunnel. Moderation is the key ! the parents should shoulder the responsibility to make
sure their children are allocating time wisely in playing online games and studying. The joint efforts from
all hands and the cook is indispensable in cultivating the habits of playing online games wisely to avoid a
myriad of tragedy. As the adage goes, there is no use form crying over spilt milk.
3. Hope
E.g., In toto, I prefer classroom learning in the future. After all, with your bosom friends and
conscientious teachers is what makes learning a pleasant journey.
SPM Hotspot (Guided Writing)
Health (Drinking water / Covid-19 / Omicron)
Lifestyle Changes (MCO / Online shopping)
Social Ill (Addiction to online games / Social media)
Finance (Importance of saving)
Celebration (Birthday gift / Festive celebration)
Education (Study Abroad / E-learning / Learning a new skill)