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Count Basie Project

Count Basie
By: Sulaiman Alwajih
Count Basie's early life
Hometown: Red Bank, New Jersey
Parents: Harvey Lee Basie and Lillian Childs Baisie
Siblings: Jame Basie
Birthday: August 21, 1904
How did their music career start ?
Count Basie got influenced by the Harlem Pianists James P. Johnson and Fats
10 facts page 1
His real name is William James Basie.
He was mostly piano player.
He didn't like school.
In the last few years of his life he played piano in a wheelchair.
He won many Grammy Awards.
10 facts page 2
● He died on April 26, 1984 in Hollywood, Florida.
● He won in total of nine Grammy Awards.
● His playing was much more relaxed than a lot of other swing piano
● His most famous single, ‘One 0’Clock Jump’ was composed when his
group were just messing around.
● He formed a band called ‘Count Basie Orchestra’ in the 1930s.
What important things did they accomplish
in their career ?
He won Grammy Awards.
He earned a nickname Called ‘Count’ after his song ‘ One 0’Clock Jump’.
He became Famous.
He earned two trophies at the very first Grammy ceremony on 1959.
What are some of their best songs ?
● One 0’clock Jump.
● Jimmy’s Blues.
● Red Bank Boogie.
How our project relates to Bud, not Buddy ?
This project is related to Bud, not Buddy because his grandfather was the leader
of a Jazz artists band called Dusky Devastators of the Depression/Nubian
Knights. This project that we are doing is about Jazz artists, and Bud’s
grandfather was a leader of a Jazz artist band, so it’s related to Bud, not Buddy.
In chapter 19 in Bud, Not Buddy, you can find proof there that Bud’s grandfather
was a leader of a Jazz artists band. So all of this evidence explains how this
project is related to Bud, not Buddy. In conclusion, this project is related to Bud,
not Buddy.
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