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Final Exam Summer 2021 SDV 100

SDV 100 Final Exam due June 27
You’ve made it! You’ve completed SDV 100! I have truly enjoyed our time together and hope that you will
utilize the strategies from this course throughout your college experiences. You’ve been introduced to a
great deal of information to help you be successful at Reynolds. In fact, you can now…
Describe 2 careers of interest based on your skills, interests, and values that you learned from the Career
Know how to select your major based on the programs at Reynolds and your career goals
Know how to access the SIS (Student Information System) and locate your class schedule, advisement
report, & financial statement
Know how to access and use Blackboard to review course information
Identify and describe student resources at Reynolds (i.e. Academic Support Center; Career, Employment &
Transfer Center, Enrollment Services)
Understand how to utilize the databases at the library
Develop productive study plans based on long-term, weekly & daily planning (time management)
Review multiple learning styles, identify your preferred learning style & know study strategies to fit well with
your preferred learning style
Create a note- taking strategy that works you
Prepare for exams based on your learning style
Know the difference between university transfer programs vs. applied programs
Final Exam Directions:
Create a letter highlighting what you’ve enjoyed and learned from our SDV 100 class using the steps below
as instructions. Your letter should be between 300 & 400 words.
Step 1:
Read the overview of topics above
Step 2:
Think about the audience for your reflection letter. You may write a letter to yourself, to me (your
instructor), or to a future student who will take SDV 100
Step 3:
Using your notes and reading materials for our class, create a letter addressing the following:
Some of the differences you’ve experienced between high school and college and how you plan to
adjust to the changes based on the strategies, tools and information from our class OR
any fears or concerns you had returning to school and how this course has helped to alleviate or
address them
Study strategy or tool you will apply to becoming a better student
Select a topic from the list at the top of the page and write about what you’ve learned
o Example 1: You could write about your learning style type (visual, auditory, reading/writing,
kinesthetic) and the strategies that you can incorporate into your study & test-taking
o Example 2: You could write about your plan to utilize one of the resources at Reynolds.
Step 4:
Calculate the following GPA for 10 points of additional credit. GPA must be calculated correctly to receive
Nancy has just completed her first semester at Reynolds. She took 5 classes this semester and was a fulltime student. Here are the courses she took and the grades she received:
ENG 111 (3 credits) – earned B
ITE 115 (3 credits) – earned A
BIO 101 (4 credits) – earned C
PSY 200 (3 credits) – earned A
SDV 100 (1 credit) – earned A
Step 5:
Submit your reflection letter and your extra credit answer at the bottom of the reflection letter by saving
and uploading to Canvas at our Final Exam assignment submission link. Due date: June 27. Please note
that no additional assignments will be accepted after the final exam due date without special