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carbs and lipids 2015

Carbohydrates and Lipids
1. Identify the following from the diagrams provided
i. Draw a rectangle around the disaccharide
ii. Put a heart around the cis-trans fatty acid
iii. Put a happy face around the Ester Bond
iv. Make the steroid into a car
Part B: Fill-in-the-Blanks (11 marks)
1. What type of molecule has a difference in charge between its ends? ___________________
2. What type of bond forms between a hydroxyl and a carboxyl functional group? _________
3. What process breaks down a disaccharide into a monosaccharide? ____________________
4. What monosaccharide provides cells with energy? _________________________________
5. What polysaccharide is used for energy storage in plants? ___________________________
6. What polysaccharide is used for energy storage in humans (in the liver)? _______________
7. What lipid is stored in human fat cells? __________________________________________
8. What two molecules combine to make fat molecules? _______________________________
9. What is one example of a steroid? _____________________________________
10. What are two sources of essential fatty acid? ____________________
11. Where is the primary storage of glycogen in the body? ___________________
Part C:
Draw the complete dehydration synthesis of two molecules of glucose. Ensure that you show
the complete reactants and products in the equation. (4 marks)
Part D:
In our discussion of Carbohydrates and Lipids, we examined the effects of the intake of large
amounts of both these macromolecules on the body.
i) If large amounts enter the body that are not used immediately, what will be their fate?
ii) What is the eventual storage molecule in the body for both these macromolecules and how
could this affect the heart? (2 Marks)
iii) Give a brief reasoning on why the body hoards these molecules and why so many people
struggle with consumption of excess amounts? (2 Marks)
And finally…….. why do advertisers never warn or underline the presence/absence of Cis-Fatty
acids in their products? ( 1 Mark)