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packing the court opinion paper

Hoey 1
Vanessa Hoey
Mr. Ammann
US History, Period 2
24 January 2022
Pack the Courts!
People in the world are constantly changing, in fact, some may say that the one constant
thing in life is change; therefore, having new justices’ perspectives to balance out the ideals and
traditions of the older justices is an efficient way to keep the Supreme Court up to date with the
continuously evolving world. In support of the argument is the statement, “The US Constitution
does not dictate the number of justices on the Supreme Court […]” (ProCon 1). This fact allows
people to understand that packing the courts is legal since there is nothing against it specified in
the US Constitution. Again, the world is constantly changing, and the US Constitution has
changed before. Moreover, if packing the courts was such an issue to the United States and its
citizens, there would already be something in the US Constitution ruling packing the courts as
unconstitutional. Another piece of evidence in support of the argument states, “Adding justices
would ensure that it never reflects only one party’s political agenda” (ProCon 1). In other words,
packing the court keeps the supreme court from becoming bias towards one of the parties—
Republican and Democratic. The United States is known for being just and allowing people to
make their life what they want and how they want. Packing the courts keeps those same ideals
the country was founded on by making sure the United States remains fair for all citizens.
Essentially, packing the courts is a constitutional way to maintain the honesty and integrity of the
United States.
Hoey 2
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