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Sources on Native American History

Sources on Native Americans in West Virginia
The following books and articles relating to Native Americans can be found at the West Virginia
Archives and History Library.
Abel, Annie Heloise. The American Indian as Participant in the Civil War. Cleveland, Ohio, The
Arthur H. Clark Company, 1919.
973.7 Ab3
________________.The American Indian Under Reconstruction. Cleveland, Ohio, The Arthur
H. Clark Company, 1925.
973.7 Ab3
Adair, James. Trader with the Indians. The History of the American Indian; Particularly Those
Adjoining to the Mississippi, East and West Florida, Georgia, South and North Carolina and
Virginia. London: Printed for E. and C. Dilly, 1775.
970.1 Adl
Addington, Luther Foster. Indian Stories of Virginia's Last Frontier. Wise, Virginia, 1966.
975.5008 A224
Adney, Edwin Tappan. The Bark Canoes and Skin Boats of North America. Washington DC,
Smithsonian Institution, 1964.
623.829 A238
Alden, John Richard. John Stuart and the Southern Colonial Frontier; a Study of Indian
Relations, War Trade and Land Problems in the Southern Wilderness, 1754-1755. New York,
Gordian Press, 1966 [c1944].
970.5 A358
American Ethnology, United States Bureau of. Anthropological Papers. Washington, United
States Government Printing Office, 1938.
970.008 U58 no. 119.
_____________________________________.List of Publications of the Bureau of American
Ethnology with Index to Authors and titles... Washington, United States Government Printing
Office, 1894.
970.008 U58 no.(s) 31, 49
America's Fascinating Indian Heritage, Pleasantsville, New York, Readers's Digest Association,
Inc., 1978.
R 305.897 A 512r
American Heritage Book of Indians, American Heritage Publishing Company, Inc., 1961.
R 305.897 B73
American Pioneer. A Monthly Periodical, Devoted to the Objects of the Logan Historical
Society; or, to Collecting and Publishing Sketches Relative to the Early Settlement and
Successive Improvement of the Country...V. 1-2; January 1842-October 1843. Chillicothe, Ohio
J. S. Williams, 1842; Cincinnati, Ohio, J. S. Willams, 1843.
Atkin, Edmond. The Appalachian Indian Frontier; The Edmond Atkin Report and Plan of 1755.
Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press, 1967.
970.5 A873
Ayer, Edward E.Collection. Narratives of Captivity Among the Indians of North America; a List
of Books and Manuscript on this Subject at the Newberry Library. Chicago, Illinois, Newberry
Library, 1912.
016.9701 N534
Baldwin, John Dennison. Ancient America, in Notes on American Archaeology. New York,
Harpers & Brothers, 1871.
913.7 B19
Barbour, Philip Lemont. The Riddle of the Powhatan "Black Boyes." Virginia Magazine of
History and Biography, Richmond, v. 88 (1980) p. 148-154.
975.505 V81 v.88
Bartram, William. Travels Through North and South Carolina, Georgia, East and West Florida,
the Cherokee Country, the Extensive Territories of the Muscogulges or Creek Confederacy and
the Country of the Chactaws. London, Bartram, 1792.
917.3 B28
Beauchamp, William Martin. Iroquois Folk Lore, Gathered from the Six Nations of New York.
Syracuse, New York, The Dehler Press, 1922.
970. 1 B38
Beckwith, Thomas. The Indian or Mound-Builder; the Indians, Mode of Living, Manners,
Customs, Dress, Ornaments, etc. Before the White Man Came to the Country, Together with a
List of Relics Gathered by the Author. Cape Girardeau, Missouri, Naeter Brothers, 1911.
970.4 B397
Bickley, George W. History of the Settlement and Indian Wars of Tazewell County, Virginia.
Cincinnati, Morgan & Company, 1852.
975.5763 B583
Blair, Emma Helen. The Indian Tribes of the Upper Mississippi Valley and Region of the Great
Lakes as Described by Nicolas Perrot, French Commandant in the Northwest; Bacqueville de la
Potherie, French Royal Commissioner to Canada; Morrell Marston, American Army Officer;
and Thomas Forsyth, United States Agent at Fort Armstrong. Cleveland, The Arthur H. Clarke
Company, 1911.
970.1 B57
Blankenship, Bob. Cherokee Roots. Cherokee, North Carolina, Blankenship, 1978.
R 305.897 B642
Blumenthal, Walter Hart. American Indians Dispossessed; Fraud in Land Cessions Forced Upon
the Tribes. Philadelphia, G. S. MacManus Company, 1955.
970.5 B62a
Bouquet, Henry. Papers. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Historical Commission, 1943.
B B765
Bowen, Jeff. 1901-1907 Native American Indian Census, Seneca, Eastern Shawnee, Miami,
Modoc, Ottawa, Peoria, Quapaw and Wyandotte Indians (Under Seneca School Indian
Territory). Signal Mountain, Tennessee, Mountain Press, n.d.
R 305.897 B786 1901-1907 Boyd, Thomas Alexander. Simon Girty, the White Savage. New
York, Minton, Blach & Company, 1928.
B G529b
Bradley, Daniel. Journal of Captain Daniel Bradley; and Epic of the Ohio Frontier. Greenville,
Ohio, F. H. Jobes & Son, 1935.
973.42 B811
Brown, James Moore. The Captives of Abb's Valley, A Legend of Frontier Life. By a son of Mary
Moore. Philadelphia, Presbyterian Board of Publications, 1854.
B B81
Brown, Lloyd Arnold. Early Maps of the Ohio Valley; a Selection of Maps, Plans, and Views
Made by Indians and Colonials from 1673-1783. Pittsburgh, University of Pittsburgh Press,
912.77 B81
Brown, Vickie Osborne. The Solomon and Seaberry Osborne Family of Clay County, West
Virginia. Maysel, West Virginia, Frog Pond Printery, 1997.
R 305.897 Q81
Brownell, Charles De Wolf. The Indian Races of North and South America... New York, H. E. &
S. Scranton, 1852.
970.1 B81
Bushnell, David Ives. ...Native Cemeteries and Forms of Burial East of the Mississippi.
Washington Government Printing Office, 1920.
970.008 U58 no. 71
_________________. ...Native Villages and Village Sites East of the Mississippi. Washington,
Government Printing Office, 1919.
970.008 U58 no. 69
Butler, Mary. Three Archaeological Sites in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Harrisburg,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Department of Public Instruction, Pennsylvania Historical
Commission, 1939.
913.74 B97
Cadzow, Donald A. Archaeological Studies of the Susquehannock Indians in Pennsylvania.
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Historical Commission, 1936, V. III [no. 2].
913.748 C126a
Carroll, Gregory B. American Indian Resource File. Charleston, West Virginia, Archives and
History Section, Division of Culture and History.
R 305.897 I 39
_______________. Native American Resource Booklet, History, Genealogy, Maps, Concerning
Native Americans in West Virginia. Charleston, West Virginia, Archives and History Section,
Division of Culture and History, 1999.
Carter, Kent. i. Orem, Utah, Ancestry.com Incorporated, 1999.
R 305.897 C323
Caruso, John Anthony. The Mississippi Valley Frontier: The age of French Exploration and
Settlement. Indianapolis, Bobbs-Merrill, 1966.
977.01 C25
Chronological List of Famous American Indians, with Biographies. National Cyclopedia of
American Biography, Index vol., p. 169.
R 920 N21
Cleveland Public Library. The American Indian; His History, Culture and Current Problems.
The Library, 1972.
016.9701 C59
Cobb, William Henry. Indian Trails, Frontier Forts, Revolutionary Soldiers and Pioneers of
Randolph County, West Virginia. Elkins, West Virginia, 1923.
975.485 C653 Pam.
Cook, Kermit A. "Military Defense of the Frontier in the Northwest Territory." West Virginia
History, Charleston, West Virginia, v. 10 (1948-490 p. [25]-61; [93]-113.
Arc 1. 4:10
Cook, Sherburne Friend. The Indian Population of New England in the Seventeenth Century.
Berkeley, University of California Press, 1976.
301.32974 C771
Connelley, William Elsey. Eastern Kentucky Papers; the Founding of Harman's Station, with
and Account of the Indian Captivity of Mrs. Jennie Wiley and the Exploration and Settlement of
the Big Sandy Valley in the Virginias and Kentucky. New York, The Torch Press, 1910.
976.9 C76
____________________. Wyandot Folk-lore. Topeka, Kansas, Crane & Company, 1899.
398.2 C752
Cottrill, Robert Spencer. The Southern Indians; The Story of the Civilized Tribes Before
Removal. Norman, University of Oklahoma Press, 1954.
970.1 C82s
Curtis, Edward S. The North American Indians. New York, Aperture, 1972.
779.9 C975
Densmore, Frances. Menominee Music. Washington Government Printing Office, 1932.
970.008 U58 no. 102
DeGruyter, Julius Allen. The Kanawha Spectator. Charleston, West Virginia, Jarrett Printing,
975.437 D321 v.1 &2
De Hass, Willis. History of the Early Settlement and Indian Wars of Western Virginia:
Embracing an Account of the Various Expeditions in the West Previous to 1795. Parsons, West
Virginia, McClain Printing Company, 1960.
R 973.3 D322 1960. 973.3 D322
Dillion, Richard H. North American Indian Wars. New York, Facts on File, Inc., 1983.
973.049 D579
Dixon, Joseph Kossuth. The Vanishing Race, the Last Great Indian Council... Participated by
the Eminent Indian Chiefs... Garden City, New York, Doubleday, Page & Company, 1913.
970.1 D621
Dockstrader, Frederick J. Great North American Indians: Profiles in Life and Leadership. New
York, Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1997.
R 305.897 D637
Doddridge, Joseph. Logan, the Last of the Race of Shikellemus, Chief of the Cayuaga Nation. A
Dramatic Piece, to Which is Added the Dialogue of the Backwoodsman and the Dandy, First
Recited at the Buffalo Seminary, July 1st, 1821. Reprinted. Parsons, West Virginia, McClain
Printing Company, 1971.
812.2 D641 1971
Donehoo, George Patterson. A History of the Indian Villages and Place Names in Pennsylvania,
With Numerous Historical Notes and References. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, The Telegraph
Press, 1928.
970.1 D71
Downes, Randolph Chandler. Council Fires on the Upper Ohio; a Narrative of Indian Affairs in
the Upper Ohio Valley until 1795.
973.3 D65 Drake, Samuel Gardner. The Aboriginal Races of North America... New York, Hurst
& Company, 1880.
970.1 D78
Driver, Harold Edson. Indians of North America. Chicago, Illinois, University of Chicago Press,
970.1 D83
Early Mesoamerican Village. New York, Academic Press, 1976.
913.72 E12
Dunnell, Robert C. The Hughes Farm Site (46-Oh-9) Ohio County, West Virginia. Moundsville,
West Virginia Archeological Society, 1962.
913.75414 D883 Pam
Eckert, Allan W. Blue Jacket: War Chief of the Shawnees. Boston, Little, Brown, 1969.
B B62e
_____________. The Frontiersmen, A Narrative. Boston, Little, Brown, 1967.
977.02 Ec5
_____________. Wilderness Empire; A Narrative. Boston, Little, Brown, 1969.
973.2 Ec5
Edmunds, R. David. Tecumseh and the Quest for Indian Leadership. Boston, Little Brown and
Company, 1984.
970.004 E24
Ehle, John. Trail of Tears, the Rise and Fall of the Cherokee Nations. New York, Anchor Books,
R 305.897 E33r
Elder, Pat Spurlock. Melungeons: Examining an Appalachian Legend. Blountville, Tennessee,
Continuity Press, 1999.
R 305.897 E38
Farrand, Livingston ...Basis of American History, 1500-1900. New York and London, Harper &
Brothers, 1904.
970.1 F24
Fausz, John Frederick. "The Invasion of Virginia. Indians, Colonialism, and the Conquest of
Cant: An Essay on Anglo-American Relations in the Chesapeake." Virginia Magazine of History
and Biography, Richmond, Virginia, v. 95 (1987), p. [133-156].
975.505 V81 V. 95
__________________. "Middlemen in Peace and War: Virginia's Earliest Indian Interpreters,
1608- 1632." Virginia's Magazine of History and Biography, Richmond, v.95 (1987) p. 41-64.
975.505 V81 v. 95
Felldin, Jeanne and Tucker, Charlotte. 1832 Census of Creek Indians Taken by Parsons and
Abbott. Tomball, Texas, Genealogical Publications, 1978.
R 305.897 F317
______________________________. Index to the 1835 Census of the Cherokee Indians East of
the Mississippi River. Tomball, Texas, Genealogical Publishing, 1979.
R 305.897 F317c
Fernow, Berthold. The Ohio Valley in Colonial Days. Albany, New York, J. Munsell's Sons,
977 F366
Field, Thomas Warren. Essay Towards and Indian Bibliography... New York, Scribner,
Armstrong and Company, 1873. (reprinted by Columbus Ohio Longs College Book Company,
R 016.9701 F45
Finley, James Bradley. Life Among the Indians; or Personal Reminiscences and Historical
Incidents Illustrative of Indian Life and Character. Cincinnati, Methodist Book Concern, 1857.
970.1 F49
Force, Manning Ferguson. Some Early Notices of the Indians of Ohio. To What Race Did The
Mound Builders Belong? Cincinnati, Ohio, Robert Clarke & Company, 1879.
970.4 F697 Pam.
Foreman, Grant. ...The Last Trek of the Indians. Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1946.
970.5 F76
Fowke, Gerard. Archaeological History of Ohio; the Mound Builders and Later Indians.
Columbus, Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, 1945.
970.4 F784
Franklin, William Neil. Act for the Better Regulation of the Indian Trade, Virginia, 1714.
Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, Richmond, Virginia, V. 72 (1964) P. (141-151).
975.505 V. 81 V. 72
Frost, John. Indian Wars of the United States, From the Discovery to the Present Time. Auborn
and Buffalo, Miller Orton & Mulligan, 1850.
970.1 F92
Fundaburk, Emma Lila. Southeastern Indians Life Portraits; a Catalogue of Pictures 1564-1860.
Metuchen, New Jersey, Scarecrow Reprint Corporation, 1969.
970.1 F96
Gabriel, Ralph Henry. ...The Lure of the Frontier; a Story of Race Conflict. New Haven, Yale
University Press, 1929.
R 917.303 P133 v.2
Gaddis, Vincent H. American Indian Myths & Mysteries. Radnor, Pennsylvania, Chilton Book
Company, 1977.
970 G123
Gale Encyclopedia of Native American Tribes. Sharon Malinowski, ...et al Editors, Detroit,
Michigan, Gale Research Inc., 1998.
R 305 897 G151 v. 1-4
Garland, Hamlin. The Book of the American Indian. New York, Harper & Brothers, 1923.
970.1 G18
Gidley, M. Kopet: a Documentary Narrative of Chief Joseph's Last Years. Seattle, University of
Washington Press, 1981.
970.004 G453
Gordon, Cyrus Herzl. Before Columbus: Links Between Old World and Ancient America. New
York, 1971.
973.1 G65
Gormley, Myra Vanderpool. Cherokee Connections, an Introduction to Genealogical Sources
Pertaining to Cherokee Ancestors. Baltimore, Maryland, Genealogical Publishing Company,
R 305.897 G71
Government Printing Office. A Compilation of all the Treaties Between the United States and the
Indian Tribes Now in Force as Laws. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1873.
970.5 C73
Great Chiefs. New York, Time-Life Books, 1975.
970.004 T583
Griffin, James Bennett. Archeology of Eastern United States. Chicago, Illinois, University of
Chicago Press, 1952.
913.73 G851
Haithcock, Richard L. Occaneechie Saponi and Tutelo of the Saponi Nation: aka Piedmont
Catawba. Southeastern Indian Refugees from Virginia, the Carolinas and Tennessee in Ohio,
Indiana and Michigan. Haitcock, 1966.
R 305. 897 H153
Handbook of North American Indians. Washington, Smithsonian Institution, 1978.
R 970.44 H236
Hale, John Peter. Trans-Allegheny Pioneers: Historical Sketches of the First White Settlers West
of the Alleghenies 1748...Charleston, West Virginia, The Kanawha Valley Publishing Company,
975.402 H162 1931
Hanna, Charles Augustus. The Wilderness Trail; or Ventures and Adventures of the
Pennsylvania Traders on the Allegheny Path, With Some New Annals of the Old West , and the
Records of Some Strong Men and Some Bad Ones. New York and London, G. P. Putnam's Sons,
974.8 H19
Harriott, Thomas. Narrative of the First English Plantation of Virginia. First Printed in London
in 1858. London, B. Quaritch, 1893.
975.51 H24
Harrison, William Henry. A Discourse on the Aborigines of the Ohio Valley...1883. Reprinted
from the Transactions of the Historical and Philosophical Society of Ohio, vol. 1 Part Second,
Cincinnati, Ohio, 1839.
970.1 H323
Haywood, Charles. A Bibliography of North American Folklore and Folksong. New York, Dover
Publications, 1961.
016.398 H427 v.1
Holmes, William Henry. Handbook fo Aboriginal Antiquities Part I. Introductory: the Lithic
Industries. Washington, Government Printing Office, 1919.
970.008 U58 no. 60
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Once Inhabited Pennsylvania and the Neighbouring States. Philadelphia, The Historical Society
of Pennsylvania, 1876.
970.1 H449
Hickman, Joseph M. The Scioto-Monongahela Trail Revisited: The Redefining of a Long Ignored
Native American Trail Leading Through What is now West Virginia from the Ohio river Valley
to the Settlements in the Monongahela Valley and on into Pennsylvania. Unpublished, 2002.
R 305.897 H628
Hildreth, Samuel Prescott. Pioneer History; Being an Account of the First Examinations of the
Ohio Valley an the Early Settlement of the Northwest Territory. Cincinnati, H. W. Derby &
Company; New York, A. S. Barnes & Company, 1848.
977.1 H54
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American Indians. Washington D. C., National Archives and Records Service, General Services
Administration, 1981.
R 305.897 H645
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Press, 1998.
R 305.897 H719
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Indians in General. Washington Government Printing Office, 1916.
970.008 U58 no. 62
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B H875
Hudson, Charles M. The Southeastern Indians. Knoxville, Tennessee, University of Tennessee
Press [c1976]
970.45 H885
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west. Cleveland, Ohio, The A. H. Clark Company, 1904.
917.3 H912 v.7
Humphreys, Milton Wylie. Anthony; "the White Man's Friend". How a Greenbrier Stream and
Cave Became Lasting Memorials to a Friendly Indian. Humphreys, Fayetteville, West Virginia,
970.1 H927 Pam
Huntington, Ellsworth. The Red Man's Continent: a Chronicle of Aboriginal America. New
Haven, Yale University Press, 1919.
970.1 H92
Hutchins, Thomas. ...A Topographical Description of Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland and
North Carolina; Reprinted from the Original Edition of 1778; edited by Frederick Charles
Hicks. Cleveland, Ohio, The Burrows Brothers Company, 1904.
917.7 H97
Hyde, Edwin William. Mid-Ohio Valley Paleo-Indian and Suggested Sequence of the Fluted
Point Cultures. Moundsville, West Virginia Archeological Society, 1960.
913.75414 H993 Pam
Indians and Their Captives. Westport, Connecticut, Greenwood Press, 1977.
970.1 I39
Indians, The. New York, Time-Life Books, 1973.
978.004 T583 1976
Illustrated Atlas of Native American History. Edison, New Jersey, Chartwell Books, Inc., 1999.
R 305.897I29
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970 P557
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Commonwealth Press, 1969.
970.3 In4
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Frontier. Norman, University Press of Oklahoma, 1972.
R 305.897 J17 Jensen, Richard E. Archeological Survey fo the Rowelsburg Reservoir Area, West
Virginia, Morgantown, West Virginia Geological and Economic Survey, 1970.
Geo 1. 3: R4 no. 2
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271.5 T42
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975.502 J68
____________________. The New River Early Settlement. Pulaski, Virginia, Edmonds Printing,
975.57 J68
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Johnson of Virginia. Cleveland, Ohio, Burrows Brothers Company, 1905.
970.1 J72 1905.
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microfilm. 975.51 J71
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970.1 J77
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R 305.897 K 74
Keepers of the Treasures Protecting Historic Properties and Cultural Traditions on Indian
Lands. United States Department of the Interior, National Park Service, 1990.
R 305.897 K26
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975.59 K39 closed stacks
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Arc 1. 4:6
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975.505 V81 v. 83
_____________.The Discoveries of John Lederer, in Three Several Marches from Virginia, to
the West of Carolina, and Other Parts of the Continent: Begun in March 1669 and Ended in
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