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BI Quiz

Business Intelligence Quiz
Business Intelligence MCQ
Following are some of the multiple choice questions on the Business Intelligence with answers that will
help the students in developing their knowledge.
1. Record cannot be updated in _____________.
2. That's it. Mission ______________.
3. A creative ________, he was continually dreaming up new projects.
Business Intelligence Quiz
4. What does OLAP stand for
5. What are the 4 components of a KPI
6. Do you agree with manager's statement? Assume the data is true and
Business Intelligence Quiz
7. An entity has a set of ___________ that describe it.
8. ______is the structure of the database.
9. Which level of database is viewed by user?
Business Intelligence Quiz
10. Which of the following is not a data mining metric?
11. Data warehouse architecture is based on ______________.
12. The source of all data warehouse data is the____________.
Business Intelligence Quiz
13. I bought it ______ for that purpose.
14. Data can be updated in _____environment.
15. ______________databases are owned by particular departments or
business groups.
Business Intelligence Quiz
16. _________maps the core warehouse metadata to business concepts,
familiar and useful to end users.
17. ________________defines the structure of the data held in
operational databases and used by operational applications.
18. __________ is the heart of the warehouse.
Business Intelligence Quiz
19. __________describes the data contained in the data warehouse.
20. The data is stored, retrieved & updated in ____________.
21. The data Warehouse is__________.
Business Intelligence Quiz
22. __________ is a subject-oriented, integrated, time-variant, nonvolatile
collection of data in support of management decisions.
23. I can catalyze a business’s success in terms of :
24. Oracle Corporation’s set of business intelligence tools.
Business Intelligence Quiz
25. Which of the following does not form part of BI Stack in SQL Server ?
26. Business intelligence systems usually talk directly to databases
27. What is an API and why does it matter in BI
Business Intelligence Quiz
28. What is an endpoint and why does it matter in Business Intelligence
29. KPI stands for?
A. Key Performance Indicators
B. Key Performance Identifer
C. Key Processes Identifer
D. Key Processes Indicators
Ans : A
Explanation: BI : creating KPI (Key Performance Indicators) based on historic data
30. Which of the following areas are affected by BI?
A. Revenue
C. Sales
Ans : B
31. Business intelligence (BI) is a broad category of application programs which
includes _____________
A. Decision support
B. Data Mining
D. All of the above
Ans : D