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Nowadays the crime rate among young people is increasing. Why do you think is
happening? What can be done by parents and teachers to reduce it?
One of the most reading issues in the daily news is about crimes.Progressively rising
criminal percentage seems not only among adults but also adolescent.There are
several reasons for this, but also a number of measures we can take.
Possibly the major factor is the poor parental discipline and supervision. Parents
cannot care for their children for work or other reasons, they cannot supervise what
children do, and perhaps because their parents ignore the needs and problems of
their children when the child needs something, children commit a crime. A secondary
cause may be school disorganisaBon which students who do not aCend school
regularly, and do not study with classmates, teachers, or at home are more likely to
commit crimes than irregular educaBon.For example, The majority of young offenders
who drop out of school in Europe.
However, there are various steps that can be taken to lessen the problem. Firstly,
Parents should spend more Bme and discussing problems with their children.Learned
and discussing the lacks and problems also taking care of siblings in immediate family
impacts posiBvely on diminishing lead to any types of crime like murder, theJ, and
others.For instance, according to the research, children growing up in the close knit
family very rarely get involved in murder. Another posiBve soluBon would be for
of crime
decreasing the crime rate to inform about impacts of crime’s all types in the school.By
are tought,
are organized seminars about criminal accident, and also
clarifying problems which youth encounter helps finding soluBonfornot only avoiding
crime but also to succes in their life.
In conclusion, the poor parental discipline, supervision, and school disorganisBon
seem to be the main causes; however, there are some remedies, to spend more
Bme, to discuss problems with their children for parent and to inform about impacts
of crime’s all types in the school by teachers appearing to be the wisest ones to take if
we are to cure the issue.
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