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Because of Winn Dixie Ch.8

Because of Winn-Dixie Chapter 8
1. What physical changes do we see in Winn-Dixie at the beginning of
this chapter?
A. His teeth are straighter and his breath smells better.
B. His bald spots were growing fur and he wasn’t limping.
C. His tail and ears were clean.
D. His nose was wet and his fur is shiny.
2. How did Winn Dixie feel about his new looks?
A. sad
B. angry
C. proud
D. didn’t care
3. What did Opal decide Winn Dixie needed?
A. a new bowl
B. a collar and leash
C. a new dog house
D. a new bed
4. How did Winn Dixie show he liked the collar and leash Opal showed
A. he barked
B. he howled
C he chased his tail
D. he showed his teeth, sneezed, and wagged his tail
5. Why did Opal want to buy the leash and collar on an installment
A. She wanted it later.
B. She didn’t have enough money now.
C. She was going to have it sent to the house.
D. She didn’t really need it.
6 How did Opal know the name of the worker at Gertrude’s Pets?
A. he introduced himself
B. she knew him from church
C it was on his name tag
D. he knew the preacher
7. Who was Gertrude?
A. the fish
B. the rabbit
C. the parrot
D. the cat
8. Who was Gertrude named after?
A. the owner of the store
B. Otis’ grandma
C. the owner’s mother
D. the street the store was on
9. How do we know that Gertrude likes Winn Dixie?
A. She squawked his name.
B. She landed on his head.
C. She pecked him with her beak.
D. She flew out the door.
10. What does Opal say Winn Dixie is good at?
A. being a dog
B. doing tricks
C. making friends
D. working at the store
11. What is the theme of Sweetie Pie’s party?
A. dogs
B. princesses
C. cats
D. pink
12. Why is Opal happy at the end of this chapter?
A. She wasn’t lonely.
B. She was going to buy something with her allowance.
C. The preacher was taking her somewhere special.
D. Otis has already paid her.