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all summer in a day test

All Summer in a Day Test
Circle the letter of the best answer.
1. What happens every seven years on Venus?
a. A rocket ship arrives with more settlers.
b. The sun shines for an hour.
c. All of the trees stop growing.
d. An earthquake destroys the underground settlement.
2. What did Margot think about her classmates at the beginning of the story?
a. She was sad that they would not be friends with her.
b. She thought she was better than they because she remembered the sun.
c. She didn’t concern herself with them.
d. She thought they were stupid because they didn’t believe what she said about the sun.
3. Why does Margot refuse to shower in the school shower rooms?
a. Water will affect her skin.
b. Other students ridicule her and single her out.
c. It reminds her of the constant rain she has come to hate.
d. She wants the others to know she is not like them.
4. The students locked Margot in the closet because . . .
a. They didn’t think the sun would really come out.
b. They were jealous that she had already seen the sun.
c. They were being mean because she acted strange.
d. They though she had lied to them about the sun.
5. How do the children react to the sunny day?
a. They are fearful because they don’t understand it.
b. They run and shout with pleasure.
c. They all begin to cry at once.
d. They won’t listen to their teacher’s warning about time.
6. The end of the story suggests that Margot . . .
a. Died while in the closet.
b. Will get revenge on the other students.
c. Will be treated differently by the students.
d. Will go home even sooner than expected.
7. When the children go to let Margot out of the closet, the author says, “They turned through the
doorway to the room in the sound of the storm and thunder, lightning on their faces, blue and
terrible.” He uses imagery in order to . . .
a. Identify the conflict between the students and nature.
b. Show how scared the students were of the storm.
c. Create a mood that reflects the students’ inner guilt and turmoil.
d. Illustrate the setting to the reader.
8. Margot’s “biggest crime” was that . . .
a. She had come to Venus only five years before and remembered the sun.
b. Her parents were taking her back to Earth the following year.
c. She thought that she was better than the rest of the children.
d. She would not play with the rest of the children.
9. Read this sentence from the story. “But then they always awoke to the tatting drum, the endless
shaking down of clear bead necklaces upon the roof, the walk, the gardens, the forests.” The
phrase “the endless shaking down of clear bead necklaces” is meant to describe to the reader:
a. The beauty of a storm.
b. The force of a heavy rainfall.
c. The noise made from a large amount of raindrops hitting a roof.
d. The extent to which a heavy rainfall can block everything else from view.
10. The author’s description of Margot as “a very frail girl . . . an old photograph dusted from an
album” indicates . . .
a. Margot is undernourished.
b. Margot lacks liveliness, energy, and vitality.
c. Margot feels colorless.
d. Margot dresses in an old-fashioned way.
Vocabulary: Circle the letter of the correct vocabulary word to complete the sentence.
1. The crowd of fans waiting for Elvis became ______ when doors opened at opposite sides of the
room and everyone raced to see “The King.”
a. Savored
b. Slackening
c. Tumultuous
d. Vital
e. Immense
2. Once the workers realized the ropes on the ladder began ______ they stopped to fix the
situation so nobody would fall.
a. Immense
b. Slackening
c. Tumultuous
d. Vital
e. Savored
3. The extra food they left behind at the base camp became ______ when they got lost and
realized they would not make it back to camp that evening.
a. Immense
b. Slackening
c. Savored
d. Tumultuous
e. Vital
4. She _____________________________ the memory of the sweet taste of the lollipop for as
long as she could.
a. Savored
b. Tumultuous
c. Vital
d. Slackening
Written Response:
Choose one of the following questions and write your response on notebook paper.
a. Why is it vital for Margot to return to earth even though it may result in the loss of thousands of
dollars to her family? (Use evidence from the text to support your answer).
b. Is Margot to blame for what happens to her? Why or why not? Use details from the story to
support your opinion.
Put your name on ALL pages, staple them together and turn in to the tray.