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Ms. Filicko Unit 3 Test Study Guide

Date: 1/24/2022
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Unit 3 Study Guide
Make sure you are familiar with the following terms:
CommensalismParasitismMutualismBioticAbioticFood ChainFood WebDecomposerDetritivorePiscivoreCarnivoreOmnivoreHerbivorePredation/ PredatorCompetitionPhotosynthesis
Chemical Equation
Word Equation
What is productivity? Difference between primary and secondary productivity?
What are 3 ways to measure productivity?
Calculating Primary Productivity:
1. If the GPP= 83 kjm^-2year^-1 and
the NPP = 11 kjm^-2year^-1
calculate the amount of energy used
in respiration.
2. The net annual primary productivity
of a particular marine ecosystem is
found to be 35,000 kcal/m2. If
respiration by the aquatic producers
is 2,000 kcal/m2 per year, what is
the gross primary productivity for
this ecosystem, in kcal/m2?
Food Chains/ Food Webs
Is the following diagram a food chain or a food web? Why?
What is the original source of energy?
Explain the 10% rule and how it applies to the diagram:
What would happen to…
The Large Fish if Whale populations increased?
The Large Fish if Whale populations decreased?
The Small Fish if Zooplankton populations increased?
The Large Fish if Phytoplankton populations decreased?
Explain the relationship between ocean temperature, nutrient availability, photosynthesis, and
producer populations within the ocean (make sure each word is used in your