Ecology Notes

Ecology Notes
Use slides 1 – 35 to complete the following notes
1. Define:
a. Populations:
b. Communities:
c. Ecosystem:
d. Biosphere:
2. How are populations counted?
3. Name three distribution patterns for populations. Draw a quick sketch.
4. How is population size regulated?
5. If a population has unlimited resources, food, space, water, etc it will experience
________________________ growth.
6. What is the equation to calculate population growth?
7. The exponential growth of many real populations begin to level off as the density
approaches the ______________________ _____________________.
8. Explain how the number of sheep in Australia “oscillate” around the carrying
9. How does the growth a population with older individuals compare to one with
younger individuals. Give an example.
10. Explain how the human population of the earth has grown since 8000 BC.
11. What are density independent factors that can affect a population?
12. What are density dependent factors that can affect a population?
13. Define Niche:
Use Slides 36 – 47 to help you complete/review your notes for your Biomes