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IT lab word session 7-3 -

Asynch Task for Grade 7-3 (ICT) for 2/2/2022 , Wed at 11.15
Dear students,
You will complete the following word document, email it to yourself, go home and then
upload on Toddle. I will create the task on Toddle
This is the word document and you will insert required images from net, resize and
place. (if you don't get exact images, similar images would do).
You are creating a word document very first time in IT lab and I will discuss MS Word in
class next time. You can use the following features from MS Word while creating the
You can use MS Word.
· Saving a file as .doc
· Font - changing the font size and color
· Text - Emphasis - bold, italic, underline, Text Alignment - left, right, center, justify,
Highlighting text, line spacing
· Inserting images and wrapping text around images
· Inserting a text box
· Creating a bulleted and numbered list.
Giving the border to the page
· Saving the file in a specific folder
· Uploading the file on Toddle
We will discuss MS Word and this assignment in next ICT class.
Hope you enjoy this assignment.