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Kraft Heinz

Kraft Heinz
Heinz was founded by an American Entrepreneur with the name of Henry John Heinz. It
began out as a small food business where he worked together with his brother and his
cousin. In early 2015 there was a merger between Kraft Foods and Heinz naming it the Kraft
Heinz Company, currently Kraft Heinz is owned by different shareholders, 3G Capitol is the
biggest one, next to that the owners are Berkshire Hathaway (26.55%) followed by minority
holders like Vanguard (4.5%), SSga (2.5%).
The sector that Kraft Heinz is active in is the FMCG industry, also known as the Fast-Moving
Consumer Goods Market (Food and Beverage)
Kraft Heinz is a global powerhouse with sales in over 190 countries and you will know them
for products like Kraft Mac and Cheese, Heinz Ketchup, Jell-O, Cool-Aid, Lunchables and
Philedelphia (the cream cheese not the state)