Uploaded by Arnold Arreglo


Arreglo, Arnold John V.
BSEE – 2nd year
Group 9 – EDM 2
After watching the video, please answer the following:
1. How do Fr. Heinz Kuleuke, SVD, and other SVDs respond to the call of dialogue of
Fr. Heinz Kuleuke went on to live in the slumps of Cebu for awhile and became friends
of the citizens in the dump. He carried on evangelizing the people who were living in the
dumps who are mostly criminals and committed crimes such as rape, murder and
attempted homicide. His goal was to create a community out of these people and help
them become closer to God.
2. What insights did you gain from the video?
From the video, I realized how lucky I am to live in a house with electricity, water and
any other necessity. These people are literally searching food in the trashes. It made me
feel guilty since sometimes I’m not grateful for the things I have. But seeing these people
made me realize that I should be very grateful for everything I have because other
people do not have what I have. For the case of evangelization, my faith in humanity has
been restored because of Fr. Heinz and seeing the community that he has built made me
realize that the world can still be a better place if only there were more people like Fr.