CABUNILAS - Letter of Request

November 25, 2021
Arnold Luiz P. Navarro, CPA
A.L. Navarro Accounting Services
Door 11, SJRDC Bldg, Insular Village, Commercial Complex, Lanang
Davao City, Davao Del Sur, 8000
Re: Request for Salary Increase
Dear Mr. Anoya,
I have been working as a Corporate Bank Manager at your Company for the past
five years. I would like to express my gratitude for being part of this company. I had never
felt more professionally committed in my life than I did right now. I am glad for the privilege
of working here, and I value the challenges that my profession offers me every day.
I have proven my integrity on multiple times and have always worked hard. I have
worked diligently for the company for 5 years, including a several of over-time days in
a week. I have also earned a few citations and commendations from you. Therefore, I
would like to request for a 10% raise in salary. I assume that my recent competencies
and performance justifies a salary increase. Your decision will tremendously motivate
me and shall work with greater passion. Thank you.
Nicole Irish A. Cabunilas, CPA