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Legal Services Career PPT DOC (1)

Career Research Outline; Presentation Project
Choose a career found within the Legal Services. Research local schools offering
degree programs in the chosen area.
Using the information you have compiled, from the research done in class and online,
you will create a slide show. The outline and poster will focus on the following important
1.) Educational requirements
o Does this career require a college or technical degree?
o How many years of school?
2.) Required Skills
o What skills does the career require?
o Do you have to have these skills in order to have this career?
3.) Salary
o What is the annual salary or hourly rate?
o Does it stay the same or does it increase annually?
o Does education make a difference in salary?
4.) Job Duties & Type of Work
o What is the job description?
o What hours/days are required to work?
o Is this a career that can be found in any city?
o Is this work done inside or outdoors?
5.) Job Benefits & Job Drawbacks
o What are the benefits of this career?
o What are some things that may not be so great about the career?
There are NO set number of slides. If slides stress you out too much feel free to
type it all out in a google doc.
Just get all the points/information in please.