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Meanwell LED Drivers

Meanwell LED Drivers
MEAN WELL provides different kinds of LED Drivers for indoor lighting
fixtures. In general, LED drivers with plastic housing can be classified into
independent and integrated types. For example, NPF, LPF, PWM, and
OWA series are equipped with the waterproof function and can be used
outdoors as an independent driver control gear or built-in with luminaires,
especially for high humidity or semi-outdoor environment.
Although the ODLC / ODLV / PLD / PCD series is intended for
embedded interior lights, such as integrated lighting / integrated / awning
lighting. Allowed drivers are respectively equipped with Drumming, Dali
or Drumming, or Drumming 010 V Dimming style. Also, if you need an
auxiliary power supply for intelligent control products, the
ODLC/ODLV45/60 series is perfect.
A complete outdoor LED driver solution for outdoor fixtures is well
presented in this category. The best value and compact size design are the
XLG and ELG (C) series designed with DALI/timer/programmable
dimming functions. A highly efficient design of the HLG (C) series with 7
years warranty and HVG(C) series with the high-voltage input 180-528V
AC, It is suitable for general 230V/347V mains supply or 1 phase 380V AC
voltage from 3 phase input.
All models are listed for choices. Most of the models offer a 0-10V dimming
function, easily integrated into smart city lighting control. MEAN WELL
has launched a brand new XLG series which is designed with compact size
and constant power mode, output wattage covers a wide range of
25/50/75/100/150/200/240W, wide choices for any indoor or outdoor
luminaire applications.
The common application of Highbay Light is in warehouses and stadiums.
Since conventional bay lights run on mercury bulbs or multi-metal MHL
bulbs, there are concerns about power consumption and preheating before
ignition. To tackle such application in the market, MEAN WELL
specifically develops circular shape patent design LED driver, HBG60/100/160/200/240 and 300W series. Additionally, 010V or DALI
dimming functions are available for intelligent lighting control.
The other external supplies such as the XLG / ELG (C) / HLG (C) / HVG
(C) series can also be used in light devices and the lighting of the bay.
MEAN WELL is not only the leader in bay lighting (UFO) design, but it
makes using LED lighting much more convenient. The new culmination of
this year is the new XBG100 / 160 / 240Series (100/160 / 240W), which
adopts a constant power mode design, which provides more flexibility to
adapt to various lighting fixtures. DCDC products are DC input and
constant current output LED units mainly used in DC voltage source
environments. All 12V/24V/48V/380V DC bus voltage can directly be
used with this series to drive the LED engine (chip). LDD series is s StepDown design.
The LDB series is Buck-Boost and LDH is a Step-up design. Users can
choose an appropriate product based on your CC source environment. DC
Bus design can reduce the risk of electric shock and the total cost of the
The PWM dimming and DALI dimming are also available. Besides, DC-DC
drivers can be applied to solar lighting solutions with a controller, reducing
design issues and optimizing reliability.