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1. What is the name of the dish? The name of the dish is Nauryz kozhe.
2. What region of the country or world does the dish come from? It come from
3. At what special celebration or family event is it eaten? We eat this dish at
«Nauryz» holiday.
4. Who usually prepares the dish? Nauryz kozhe is usually prepares by our
mothers, daughter in law of the family.
5. What are the key ingredient? The key ingredients are milk, meat, rice, salt,
fat, potatoes, water.
6. How should you eat the dish? We eat this dish with spoon.
Nauryz kozhe
Nauryz kozhe is a national Kazakh food, which is prepares at the beginning of the
spring, on March. It has come down to our days from the Turkic ancestors. We are
as nomads thanks for God that we having survived the winter and as a token of
gratitude we celebrate Nauryz. On the Nauryz holiday our mothers cook Nauryz
Kozhe. It is includes basic 7 ingredients like meat, water, rice, salt, potatoes, milk,
fat, yet you can add many products as you like. Firstly we cook rice, corn, wheat
separately, while boiling meat for 2-3 hours. When they are ready we mix them
together. That’s all! The dish is ready to eat. In addition we place to table our
traditional foods like kazy, karta, zhal, asip and etc. Then we invite our relative,
neighbors, friends to visit.
If you do not eat the Nauryz kozhe completely, you could not get off the table.
This is our tradition, so you should follow it. Otherwise, the cook of this dish may
be upset with you.