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Assignment 1

Vineesh K
AIR Rank : 2661
Batch Number: 282
My name is Vineesh K and I have joined as an assistant section officer at Ministry of Housing
and urban affairs in CPWD department. It has always been a dream of mine to join a
government job. I always thought that it was the best way to bring positive changes in our
society. Our country is in a stage of transformation and I wanted to be a part of that process.
I believed that with hard work I could become an important part the government system and
that system will provide me with necessary tools to serve our people. Before joining, I had no
idea about how each and every part of a government organization works. I was looking
forward to find out how much responsibility I will have as an assistant section officer. As this
is my first job I was a little worried about how helpful my colleagues will be and how will I
learn all the procedures in the office.
After joining here, the very little time that I had spent here has strengthened my
beliefs about government employee’s importance in bringing changes and taught me that one
shouldn’t even call it a job. It is a service. My work has a lot of impact now. It gave me lot of
satisfaction to learn that the decision making starts with my notes. I am learning a lot about
how our government system works and my role as an Assistant Section Officer in it. It is not a
bed of roses. But whatever you do contributes to a greater good. Every single step I take will
contributes to our society. We get to work on projects which directly or indirectly benefits
our country. Government servants are always called upon to address society’s challenges and
I am really happy to be part of that. The training and experience from work is helping to know
more and more about my work and how to do that efficiently and effectively. My colleagues
and superior officer are helping me a lot to teach me the office procedures and to teach me
how to do my work more efficiently.
With great power comes great responsibility. Authority with responsibility could do
wonders if one uses in the right way. I believe that I have given a rare opportunity to be a part
of something big and wonderful. I am still to learn all the functions of government system and
how they are carried out. I believe that with the right mindset and hard work, I could become
an important part of this organization. Ministry is providing each and every one of us with
enough opportunity to grow as a government servant as well as an individual. I think with the
help and support from my colleague and superior officers I could attain my full potential and
could give important contribution to our society. Each and every one of us has an important
role to play in this organization that is what will drive our country to greatness. I am really
happy to be a part of that.