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Writing assignment Science Digestive System

Writing assignment Science
Dear Mrs Mowberry,
I have received a letter from your GP, in which he explains what your complaints are.
Your GP has diagnosed that you have the Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I’m very sorry to
hear that, but I am going to give everything I have to help you.
The symptoms of this disease are constipation and bloating of the abdomen, I have
heard that you have both symptoms. There are different causes for this problem, one of
those is stress. I have heard that your husband died a few years ago, that brings a lot of
stress with it, so that could play a role in the Syndrome. The other cause of this can be
food. I don’t know what your eating pattern is, but we can look into that.
Different types of food that aren’t good to eat when you have IBS are:
Bread and Cereals created with refined (not whole) grains,
Processed foods like chips and cookies,
Coffee, carbonated drinks and alcohol,
Dairy products, especially cheese and raw milk.
Try to eat less of the products above and look if the complaints become less. If they
become less, you continue with this. If they don’t become less, please stop eating the
things above for a small period of time and if they become less then you continue to eat
none of these products.
Some foods can help against IBS these are:
Fibre products such as whole-grain bread, beans, fruits, nuts and vegetables.
Foods that are higher in their sugars, like dried plums and prune juice.
Drink plenty of water (without gas) every day.
Take in vitamin supplements especially: Vitamin D and Zinc
Try to eat more of the above mentioned products and if those work continue with that. I
have heard that you can grow your own vegetables in your garden. I’m totally in favour
of growing your own food, which can be much healthier. You can try to order your
groceries and have them delivered at your home. So you can eat varied. Also, drink
plenty of plain water every day like two litres. What you also can try is to take in vitamin
supplements as mentioned above, those also help with your abdomen.
What also could help is relaxing, either by getting more exercise and by reducing stress
in your life. That sounds difficult to reduce stress, but try to find something that relaxes
you for example walking, embroidery, reading, working in the garden or meet with your
friends. You also can join an IBS group on Facebook, in that group, there are different
people that also have IBS, so you may ask them for advice. Of course, you don’t have
to do everything of this but try to find what works for you.
In case that all of this will not work, there is a plan B. Some medicines will slow down
the process of IBS. Unfortunately, IBS will never fully go away, it always stays with you.
There are different types of medicines. Please discuss a medicine called Lubiprostone
with your GP, it’ll increase fluid secretion in your small intestine to assist with the
passage of stool. It’s approved for a woman who has IBS with constipation.
You must remember that you first have to try to treat your IBS without medicines. I also
prefer to solve your problem without medicines, but if it’s necessary then it’s necessary.
I hope I have helped with this advice to improve your situation. In case you have any
questions you can always call me or send an e-mail.
Best wishes,
Max de Haas van Dorsser
Lifestyle coach
Telephone: +31-638448382
E-mail: 152157@rijnlandslyceum-rls.nl
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