The Poisoner s Handbook Killer Chemistry

Answer on a separate piece of paper
The Poisoner’s Handbook: Killer Chemistry
List and describe at least two problems with New York City’s coroner’s office in the 1920’s.
Who was Charles Norris? Why was he important?
What are some symptoms of cyanide poisoning?
What was a problem with the people that looked like they died of cyanide poisoning?
How did the people die? Why did they die?
What was the outcome of the trial?
What are some of the benefits of chemistry?
What was Mary Frances Creighton accused of? Motive? Means? Opportunity?
What did Dr. Gettler testify to at her trial?
10. What is a by-product of wood distillation?
11. Describe the breakdown of methanol in the human body.
12. Why did people turn to making their own alcohol?
13. What solution did Norris see to stop the poisoned alcohol deaths?
14. What are some of the toxic effects of lead on the body?
15. Why was tetraethyl lead added to gasoline?
16. What safety precautions were taken for those working with gas?
17. What happened to the inventor?
18. What was happening with the woman? Why was she in pieces?
19. How prevalent was carbon monoxide poisoning in New York?
20. How did Norris prove that bodies didn’t take in carbon monoxide after death?
21. What was the outcome of the murder trial?
22. How is alcohol denatured?
23. What killed Amelia Magia? How was she exposed? What were her symptoms?
24. How and when did they prove what killed Amelia Magia?
25. What happened to Mike Malloy?
26. What was the outcome of the trial?
27. When was the 18th amendment overturned by congress?
28. Who was “Mike the Durable”?
29. What was his story?
30. What do embalming fluids do to evidence of carbon monoxide?
31. When did Prohibition end officially?
32. What is thallium?
33. What effect does it have on the human body?
34. What happened to the Gross family?
35. Was Mr. Gross innocent?
36. How was the presence of thallium in the cocoa proved or disproved?
37. Who killed the Gross family? Why?
38. Did LaGuardia help Norris’s work?
39. What was Dr. Norris and his staff accused of? Were they guilty?
40. When did Charles Norris die?
41. Summarize the Applegate case.
42. What was Norris’s and Ghetler’s impact on forensic science?