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Cyber Bullying

Cyber Bullying: The Current Social Issue
New age difficulties have arisen in today's modern world, which has been made smaller by
technology. Without a doubt, technology has many benefits, but nevertheless, it also has
drawbacks. Cyberbullying has resulted as a result. Simply described, cyberbullying is the
intentional misuse of information technology with the goal of harassing others. As a result,
cyberbullying takes many forms. It doesn't always imply breaking into someone's accounts or
pretending to be someone else. It also includes making disparaging remarks about someone or
circulating rumors in order to slander them. Because everyone is engaged in social media, it is
quite easy for anyone to abuse their access. To put it another way, cyberbullying has grown
increasingly frequent in recent years. It comprises acts of manipulation, harassment, and
defamation directed against anyone. These aggressive activities are extremely harmful and can
quickly and fatally injure anyone. They take place on social media, public forums, and other
platforms that provide online information. A cyberbully does not always have to be a stranger; it
could be someone you know.
Cyberbullying is a difficult matter. The goal of this activity, on the other hand, is the same.
To inflict pain and harm on others. Cyberbullying is a serious issue. It must be taken seriously
because it has numerous dangerous consequences for the victim. Furthermore, it disturbs a person's
mental tranquility. Many people have reported feeling depressed after being cyberbullied.
Moreover, they engage in self-harm. They feel inferior as a result of the insulting remarks spoken
about them. There are a lot of insecurities and complexes as a result of this. The victim of
cyberbullying who is harassed begins to mistrust himself or herself. When someone points out
your flaws, they tend to amplify them. Likewise, the victims are concerned and lose their inner
calm. Aside from that, cyberbullying tarnishes a person's image. The false rumors that have been
spread about them have harmed their reputation. Everything spreads like wildfire on social media.
Furthermore, the credibility of the information is frequently questioned. As a result, one false
rumor can ruin people's lives.
Technology continues to develop at a phenomenal rate, transforming our social interactions.
Doors are continuously opening, giving greater opportunity while also forcing us to reconsider
how we utilize technology in schools ethically. While Internet, cell phones, and other
communication technologies provide convenience, they also expose the students to situations that
threaten their safety and mental well-being. This is looks at one bad application of technology:
cyberbullying, which is a new type of bullying with particular forms, personalities, and responses.
Some recent research studies have revealed that a significant amount of individuals are victims of
cyberbullying, leading to a greater awareness that cyberbullying is becoming a serious issue.
Cyberbullying is the deliberate, repeated, and hostile behavior by an individual or group using
information and communication technologies such as e-mail, cell phone and text messages, instant
messaging, defamatory personal Web sites, and defamatory online personal polling Web sites to
harm others (Belsey, 2004). Victims and their families can suffer greatly as a result of
cyberbullying. Low self-esteem, school failure, rage, anxiety, despair, school avoidance, school
violence, and suicide are all signs of psychological trauma caused by cyberbullying.