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Vocabulary - Roaring 20s

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Words of the Week-World History- Roaring 20s
-Tea Pot Dome Scandal
-Red Scare
-Marcus Garvey - Back to Africa Movement
-Harlem Renaissance
-Great Migration
-Women’s Suffrage - 19th Amendment
- Nativist
-Prohibition - 18th & 21st Amendment
Monday: Match the word to the correct definition below.
-New optimism and growth
of African American
-Banned alcoholic drinks
but was an unsuccessful
social experiment and was
-A dislike of foreigners
that led to restrictions on
immigration; afraid
immigration taking their
-The large movement of
African Americans from
the South to the
Northeast and Midwest in
search of jobs & to
escape segregation
-People were frightened
about the triumph of
Communism in Russia;
Attorney General Palmer
arrested thousands of
suspected communists &
- A scandal over land being
leased to business owners
government oil reserves in
exchange for bribes
-Believed in Black-owned
businesses; advocated
African Americans should
return to Africa,
especially to Liberia
- Women obtained the
right to vote; new morals
and manners with greater
independence; “flappers”
Wednesday: Capture It! Drag and drop the picture that best represents the word.
Tea Pot Dome Scandal
Marcus Garvey
-Red Scare
Harlem Renaissance
Great Migration
Thrusday: 3 Clues: 1 word: Use clues to identify the words of the week.
-Back to Africa
-19th Amendment
-African Americans
-South to North
-No immigration
-Disliked Foreigners
-Feared losing jobs
-New York
-African American
-Music, writers, culture
-18th Amendment
-Banned Alcohol
Friday: Answer the questions in at least 3 complete sentences for each question.
1. What do you think people were scared of communism?
2. How did the culture of the United States change during the 1920s?