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projectile motion classwork

Projectile Motion Classwork
1. An artillery shell is fired 1.75m above ground at 30° above the horizontal and an
initial speed of 825m/s. Assume no air resistance.
a. What is the vertical component of the shell`s velocity?
b. What is the horizontal component of the shell`s velocity?
c. What is the shell`s maximum height?
d. How for did the shell travel horizontally? Assume the shell will finally hit the
2. A ball of mass 0.5kg, initially at rest, is kicked directly towards a fence from a point
32 meters away of 37° above the horizontal. The top of the fence is 2.5m high. The
ball hits nothing while in the air.
a. Determine the time for the ball to reach the fence?
b. Will the ball hit the fence? Then calculate the distance between the ball and
the top of the fence.
c. On the graphs below, draw the v-t graphs of the ball`s horizontal and vertical
velocity components.