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Internal Audit plays a vital role in a company

Internal Audit plays a vital role in a company's performance since it ensures that its goals and objectives are met.
Internal audits are performed to identify any flaws in a company's internal controls. In respect to Control Assurance,
Internal Audit must assess the internal controls of a certain firm. On the other hand, Internal auditors must be
accountable to their obligations in order to properly fulfill their duty, which is to analyze and enhance the efficacy of
governance, risk management, and control systems.
Moreover, they should ensure compliance with rules and regulations, as well as aid in the maintenance of accurate
and timely financial reporting and data collecting. Furthermore, they are expected to report to the board and
management on the sufficiency and efficacy of the firm's controls in order for them to know if their plans are working,
how the company is managing risks, and how effective these controls are. With this, they will be able to spot the
methods the organization lacks, the hindrances or barriers to an organization in attaining its objectives, and then
establish and determine solutions to decrease those obstructions and to better improve the firm’s operation. These
are just few of the responsibilities of an Internal Audit, but we can now immediately see how critical their work is to
an organization's success.