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Which Body System??
-Muscular System – Nervous System – Excretory System – Respiratory System –
-Circulatory System – Digestive System – Immune System – Excretory System Function = Brings oxygen into and throughout body while removing carbon dioxide and wastes from the
body. It brings in necessary levels of oxygen while removing harmful carbon dioxide.
Major Body Parts = Lungs, trachea, bronchus, bronchioles, aveoli
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function = Transports oxygen, blood, nutrients and waste throughout the body. It regulates and
maintains the correct levels of nutrients, oxygen, and waste products needed by cells.
Major Body Parts = Heart, Blood Vessels, Veins, arteries, capillaries
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function = Absorbs nutrients by breaking down food into usable energy for the body to use. It regulates
intake of nutrients, breaking down food molecules and absorbing them into cells, and regulating water
intake (large intestine).
Major Body Parts = Mouth, salivary glands, esophagus, stomach, large and small intestines, colon
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function = Removes waste from the body… the skin sweats, the kidneys clean chemicals in the blood,
the liver filters toxins and acids from the blood, colon allows solid waste to pass from the body, the
bladder rids of urine.
Major Body Parts = Kidneys, liver, bladder, colon, rectum, lungs, skin
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function= This is the control system of all the other systems! Sends chemical messages throughout the
body and to the brain that tell the status of pain, temperature, hunger, etc. so that they body can make
adjustments using other body systems.
Major Body Parts = Nerves and Brain and the Spinal Cord
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function = Your body’s defense system…defends your body from harmful bacteria, illness, disease…and
helps your body get better when it is sick.
Major Body Parts = cells through out body, white blood cells, lymph nodes
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function = Allows for movement and allows the body to return back into place after changing position.
Many involuntary muscles constantly regulate body functions, like the heart beating.
Major Body Parts = Voluntary and Involuntary Muscles
Body System = ______________________________________________
Function = Protects and supports other body systems - supports organs and keeping them in place which
allows for proper function and directly interacts with muscles.
Major Body Parts = Bones
Body System = _____________________________________________
Work Hard – Get Smart – No Excuses.
Scientist’s Name: __________________________
1. Which two body systems work together to bring fresh oxygen into your body and
circulate it to all parts of your body, while getting rid of carbon dioxide wastes?
2. Which body system works closely with the circulatory system to ensure that your
blood is clean and chemicals are filtered out through liquid waste?
3. Which body system breaks down your food into nutrients, proteins, fats, carbs, etc.
to provide your body with energy, while getting rid of solid waste?
4. Which Body System controls your other body systems and sends important chemical
messages throughout your body?
5. Which body system protects you from illness, fighting off harmful bacteria?
6. Which body systems provide you with structure, support and movement?