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Master Thesis Initial Interview Questions TMrozek

Initial Interview Questions T.Mrozek
1. Are you actively selling on-prem software on the pricelist?
a. Actively advertising local ERP solutions
b. Is there a market for future on prem solutions? Will new onprem software be added or developed
2. What would you describe as the biggest hurdle for customers
switching from Perpetual to Saas?
a. Which one of the four play the largest role?
b. Anything else left unpronounced or recognized?
3. A specific market or size that has been at the forefront for adopting
SaaS solutions?
4. With the transition to SaaS, how has the sales department changed
from a process / departmental aspect?
a. The growth/ implementation of account management and
customer success.
b. The impact of account management revenue vs new logo sales
business development (which department is larger?)
c. Which department is responsible for the most revenue growth
per user.
5. How has the importance of Churn Rate changed since switching to a
predominantly SaaS model
6. Do a majority of installations run through partners or do you actively
provide installation and customization services.
a. Further relationship between Software Provider and service
7. How has the sales cycle changed since switching models?
a. Is the sales cycle in its entirety shorter than with on-prem?
8. With topics have mainly changed regarding your relationship with
the marketing department.
9. What have been the affects between sales and marketing
10.What have been the affects between sales and support/product