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Absolute and Relative Location Worksheet

Relative and Absolute Location
➔ Location, one of the five themes of geography, seeks to answer a simple
question: “Where is it?” There are two types of location that we have defined:
absolute and relative location. An absolute location describes a precise point on
Earth or another defined space. A relative location describes where something
else by using another, familiar feature as a reference point.
Part I: Identify whether the given description describes a relative location (R) or
an absolute location (A).Write your response in the blank using capital letters
______1.Describing where you go to school, you say: “28524!Hilltop!Drive”.!
______2.Describing where you go to school, you say: “Down the street from the Hilltop
______3.Describing where Lexington is, you say: “38°N,84°W”
______4. Describing where you have social studies at Beaumont, you say “Room 137”
______5.Describing where you sit in social studies class, you say “Two rows in front of
Ms. Coleman’s desk”
Part II: In your own words, define absolute and relative location.
6. Relative location:
7. Absolute location:
Part III: Answer the following questions
8. What is the absolute location of your home?
9. What is the relative location of your home?
10. What is the relative location of your seat in this class?