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ENG023 - Module 3 Summative

Name: Glydel Christi Mananquil
Course: ENG023 – A112
Date of Submission: September 23, 2021
Video 1: Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series 2019: Choice
1. To what extent can the content of the video impact the society in general? Explain.
We normally perceive love as a strong inexplicable feeling in ways we relate to people
who have significant roles in our lives or those whom we are afraid to lose. With their support
and constant communication, struggles and difficulties can feel like it’s easier to lift and
overcome, knowing that we have the right people behind our backs. As such, love indeed brings
people together even in trying times. The video shows instances where what may seem like
fleeting ordinary moments in life can be significant memories that we never should’ve taken for
granted. It teaches one to be grateful for the people around him and appreciate the moments
spent with them while they are still alive. Also, the chance and freedom to love once again and
let go of past sentiments is necessary to heal from the pain and move on from it. Despite the
emotional hold that people may have from the past, moving forward helps one be more forgiving
towards oneself to be better and happier along the way. It applies to the people in the video and
everyone going through the same rough patches, whether related to love or their own personal
2. What is the message? Is the message clearly conveyed in the presentation? Justify.
The video talks about the girl’s dilemma in choosing among the two guys who hold a
special place in her heart. The first one was Paul, her constant love and support, one who has
been with her since the beginning, and her very companion throughout her ups and downs. The
second one was Jay, whom she met at work and is now an important person in her life. He tends
to her problems and helps her bring out the best in herself. However, the video later revealed
that Paul, her first love, had already died four years ago and that Jay was the guy she had just
recently met. In the end, she chose to let go of her past grievances to Paul, decided to love and
be happy once again with Jay. The message is clearly conveyed as perceived by what the video is
trying to imply. That is, to let go of past emotions, move on from them and find one’s happiness.
3. Is there any ambiguous content from the video? Why did you say so?
There was no vague content from the video as it clearly showed how love could be
sincere, gleeful, and fulfilling if done with the right person. It also implies how making choices can
be a critical part of a person’s life which may drastically change the events that are yet to be
foreseen. Moreover, it asserts how moving on from the past may provide chances to welcome
happiness in life once again. Overall, the video was deeply engaging, immersive, and
understandable. It incorporated various writing elements and was able to explain every detail
clearly; hence there is no ambiguous content in it.
Video 2: 5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now
1. To what extent can the content of the video impact the society in general? Explain.
Society nowadays relies solely on social media to speed matters up, such as
communication, marketing, content-sharing, collaboration, and the like. It has made it easier for
people to connect and communicate with each other on a real-time basis despite the distance by
bringing people closer together. Moreover, it has made people feel more confident about
themselves, as they can now freely post images or their thoughts online. It impacts the community
most considerably, both the educated and the uninformed public, as they can gain knowledge of
the pros and cons of its usage alongside the depth these effects can bring to one’s body and mind.
One’s reliance on this affects the way the brain works and at far extreme levels.
Studies show that the prolonged use of social media can cause addiction and lead to brain
deterioration and impairments similar to those of drug-dependent users. It also emphasized the
adverse effects of multitasking on the brain concerning the person’s ability to focus and decisionmaking skills. These perceived impacts on the brain brought about certain phenomena, such as
phantom vibration syndrome, where phone users fail to recognize the actual phone vibration
from their surroundings. But on the brighter side, social media has revolutionized the lives of
many and saved people most of the effort and time, however, provided that the use and purpose
are appropriate and are bound to achieve the predetermined goals of positive outcomes.
2. What is the message? Is the message clearly conveyed in the presentation? Justify.
The advent of social media has made life simpler, better and paved the way for
information to be readily accessible to anyone, anywhere, and at any given time. It is a doubleedged sword that greatly aids one’s academic, informational, and or recreational endeavors. As
such, one can be addicted to these fleeting moments in which one’s desires are instantly met.
Albeit these benefits, improper use and prolonged exposure to this can bring about negative
results. The video has enumerated five ways among which social media affects the brain. As
mentioned, heavy daily usage of social media can cause addiction and lead to brain impairments
similar to drug-dependent users have. Damages brought about by this show that it significantly
decreases a person’s attention span and emotional control and impedes their decision-making
Furthermore, studies have revealed that multitasking productivity is just a myth and
reduces the brain’s ability to commit information to the mind. It was said that most heavy social
media users perform much worse when compared to others when subjected to multitasking
online. Psychological phenomenons were also unearthed, such as the phantom vibration
syndrome. Here, the brain now perceives a certain itch as an actual vibration from the phone due
to prolonged technological use. Moreover, social media also triggers the release of dopamine, or
the region of the brain where pleasure is felt. Studies show that most of the communication done
online involves mainly conveying one’s experiences, even more so with the presence of a virtual
audience, as opposed to listening to others – stimulated by social media use. Relationships
established online were also said to be increasingly successful, as per the comfort of being
anonymous and having a clearer picture of one’s personal goals. Overall, social media is an
integral part of a person’s daily life, has made a lot of things more accessible and more convenient
for men. However, proper use of it should also be observed to reduce the likeliness of its longterm adverse effects, as aforementioned.
3. Is there any ambiguous content from the video? Why did you say so?
The content of the video was direct to the point and not misleading at all. It explained
how social media affects the body and brain by stating facts backed up with legitimate studies to
support such claims. Despite stating the negative impacts, it also has its fair share of advantages:
mainly in establishing relationships, the overwhelming sheer number of information readily
accessible online, and especially communication. All of these were constantly proven over time
as observed and through prior research to explain such. Thus, it is concluded that the information
provided by the video has no ambiguity or is not vague at all.