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Thank you for purchasing Word Orbits for 6th grade science! Print the pages front and back (flipped along the short side of the page and then cut out the
circles using the scrambled side as the guide. For the best experience, I recommend printing on thicker paper like cardstock and laminating to make them
last longer.
 Players sit in groups of 2-6 where they can all view and reach the deck of cards.
 The deck should be placed logo side up in the center of players
 Start by flipping one card over and doing the first round on Easy.
 Words are written in a circle forward or backward.
 Whoever calls out the correct word first puts the card in their pile.
 The player who wins the round calls out the difficulty (or color) of the next round and flips the next card.
 Whoever has the most cards when the deck is empty or time runs out wins.
Optional Rules:
 Tie breakers: Place the card between the two players who tied. The next time one of them wins a round they get to keep the tie breaker card as well.
o If there are multiple ties (3+) on the same round, you can place the card back in the deck.
 If a student is caught folding or bending a card in their pile the person who catches them gets to keep the card.
 A student may ‘challenge’ someone else three times per game
o Challenge: The challenged must give the definition of the word. If the challenged is incorrect, the challenger has a chance to steal the card
by giving the correct definition. Other players will decide if the given definition is accurate, or someone outside the game can be the judge.
If both the challenged and the challenger give an incorrect answer the card is put back into the deck.