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Speaking Card 1

Card B
In the provided photo a group of five people are watching TV. In the foreground is
a dark brown wide couch that 4 members appear to be sitting on. There are 4
women and 1 man, the woman in the middle is holding a football. To the right of
the image is a blue chair with the 5th member sitting on it. In the background of
the photo is a TV displaying sports. To the left of the photo in the background is a
tall plant with long dark green leaves. Perhaps the group is made up of a family of
4 and a family friend. I speculate that they are gathering together to watch their
favorite football team play.
- As entertaining as films are to me, I don’t watch them very often, I only
watch one film per week and it’s during the weekends with family or
- When it comes to the genre of the films I like to watch I’d have to say
Thriller and horror are definitely my top choices whenever I look for a film
to watch. I like films that are always exciting and keep you engaged with
the different aspects of it all the way through to the end.