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Zoom Demo Pitch Hybrid model 1

DTA - Zoom Demo Pitch ( Virtual Hybrid model):
{Key is to engage the parent well in the conversation}
Hello Sir/Ma’am, This is Gautam, Calling you from Byju’s Classes. Sir/Ma’am We received a registration on
Byju’s Application using your Email ID - xyz@gmail.com and phone number - 91xxxxxxxx
Sir, In which class is your kid studying, for whom you had downloaded the application?
Which School?
And Syllabus?
Ok Great Sir!
Sir, Basically Your Child had downloaded the application and was using the app to learn Maths and
Science and Hence I am Calling You
Sir, are you aware of BYJUs?
Byju's is India's largest education company. More than 5 crore students study from BYJU’S. Classes are
taken by India’s top teachers who use videos to explain topics easily. The course is designed in a way
which is very interesting and it is also mapped exactly to the school's syllabus. Ankit was also using this
app to learn Math & Sc.
1) How are his studies going?
2) How is he doing in conceptual subjects like Maths and Science?
Sir, I wanted to inform you that BYJUs has recently launched a NEW online tuition program called
BYJUs Classes where the best teachers in India take tuition classes with live doubt solving and personal
1-on-1 attention. These teachers who take the classes are India’s Most popular teachers and lakhs of
students have attended the classes of these teachers.
In fact in <your city (name the city)> alone, hundreds of students study from BYJUs Classes
{In major cities - mention “thousands of students”. In smaller cities - mention “hundred of students”}
RAPPORT BUILDING (needs to be done with parent only, make notes)
3) Does he go to tuitions apart from schools? Which subject?
4) Any interest areas - hobbies, extracurricular activities?
5) How much time does he spend in self-study?
6) {Depending on class} What are his future ambitions or which competitive exam is he planning to take?
7. Sir do you feel that Online School Education that the kid attended in the year of 2020 was fruitful for
your child?
8. Sir, Where do you feel the kid lacks in his subjects ?
NEED CREATION (ask yes questions during conversation)
{Establishing need for conceptual understanding}
If a student is in 6th class and let’s assume she is learning a 6th grade concept – for example Polygon
which might originate from a 4th grade concept – like Shapes and later become in 9th class full-fledged
Geometry. So, if she is not comfortable with the 4th grade concept of Shapes, most likely she’ll face
difficulty when geometry comes up in class 9th. Hence, foundational grades are very very crucial for kids
Students in this age group face 2 major hurdles:
● They don’t understand the basic concepts very well
If they have doubts, they are not able to get doubts answered by teachers in classroom
Both points (Concept clarity and doubt clarification) are very important for effective learning
If a student is not self-motivated to self-study it becomes very difficult for the kid to understand the
concepts, which causes loss of interest in learning resulting in studying at the last moment focusing only
for the exams thus creating difficulty in the long run Especially when the kid reaches higher grades.
Sir, based on Ankit’s usage of the app and our discussion, he is among the few students who have been
shortlisted for a one-to-one counseling session with our mentors.
One of our mentors will be conducting a counseling session with your kid over a Zoom Call
Counselling session will consist of three parts basically-:
1.Counsellor will be analysing his learning pattern:for this he will also be asking aptitude based
questions for understanding his approach.based on his performance new learning methodologies
will be suggested and innovative ways to make learning fun will be discussed.
2.Discussion about his school performance, weak areas , future ambitions. Awareness about the
olympiads which he is eligible for will also be imparted.
Future career prospects will also be discussed based on his interests and ambitions.
3.How to use “Byju’s the learning app “ effectively. Based on the test taken at the end of the session
the counsellor will be suggesting a study pattern and the courses that will be beneficial for the child
.If you think that any of the courses will be beneficial for your child you can get him/her enrolled in
our classes.For that there will be a standard fee structure we follow for the curriculums undertaken
by us which would be chargeable. It is not a compulsion though that you enroll your child in our
This will overall be a 45 mins-1 hour session to discuss the intricacies as discussed above.
Also this time you are spending for this counselling session is of great value as never during a
performance review of your child during parent teacher meetings do you get to interact with the teacher
for more than 10 mins in the entire 6 months.
This session will also make you aware of your child’s learning curve and measures to be taken to
enhance his/her academic performance.
The counsellors who will be conducting the counseling session have interacted with thousands of
students. Feedback of parents is very important and therefore both the parents shall be present for
This is an exclusive session, one to one and is being provided only to selected students.
We are having it only for today and tomorrow. I tried calling you yesterday but your number was not
reachable, so we have only tomorrow's slot available.
Ok, great sir. I will need few details:
1. What is the Teacher’s response about your child.
2. Occupation
Thank you sir, your slot has been fixed for DD/MM/YYYY at Random Slot A. Looking forward to having
this counselling session as per the scheduled date and time!!
1. Ensure that call is done with decision maker which is usually father
2. In case of Mother - pls ensure that she is decision maker involved in the studies & call is made
from your end to the father informing about your conversation with the mother and the session
3. In no case - booking should be done with child/student