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Arreglo Homework3 EIOT

Arnold John V. Arreglo
BSEE – 2nd year
Dimension 1: Augmented Virtual Reality make processes more efficient, one example is that
firefighters on duty can be assisted by the control center and tech helps to find and correct
system errors to prevent damage before it happens.
Dimension 2: In Santander Spain the city saves taxes by using resources more efficiently with
the help of sensors.
Dimension 3: In Rio de Janeiro a smartphone app is enabling residents to shape their
surroundings the app smart favela creates a three-dimensional avatar of the shanty towns
when city planners come up with new ideas these can be looked at on the app and then
citizens can vote on them.
Dimension 4: Technical preconditions are essential a central role Falls to the new mobile
communication standard 5g it's the engine for the Internet of Things and enables
interconnected infrastructures on a grand scale.
Dimension 5: The cameras protect the customers and us drivers too and privacy is ensured as
not everyone can view the videos according to the taxi headquarters all data is well protected
and deleted after 72 hours they say the system is great for educating drivers and the footage
can be used to settle conflicts or complaints.