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Metabolism worksheet

SC120: Foundations of Biology – Worksheet: Energy, Cellular Respiration
Energy and Enzymes
1. How does the shape of an enzyme affect its function? What factors affect an enzymes shape?
2. Explain how enzymes lower activation energy of a reaction
3. What is the ultimate source of energy for life on our planet? Where does that source of energy get its
energy from?!
4. What is the form of energy that all living cells use?
5. Describe the chemical structure of ATP. How many phosphates are in ATP? How many phosphates are
in ADP?
6. Does the chemical reaction ATP  ADP + P release or require energy? Does the chemical reaction ADP
+ P  ATP release or require energy?
Cellular Respiration
7. Explain glycolysis. Include the following in your explanation:
a. What is the main purpose of glycolysis?
b. What is the initial step in glycolysis and why is it important?
c. What are the products of glycolysis? (include all molecules produced by the process)
d. Is glucose oxidized or reduced during glycolysis?
e. Where does glycolysis, Krebs Cycle and ETC take place in the cell?
f. Is oxygen required for glycolysis?
8. Explain the Krebs cycle and include the intermediate reaction.
a. What is the main purpose of the Krebs cycle?
b. What has to happen to pyruvate before the Krebs cycle can begin?
c. Is oxygen required for the Krebs cycle?
d. What are the products of the Krebs cycle?
9. Explain the Electron Transport Chain and include the following in your response
a. What is the purpose of the electron transport chain?
b. How is NADH and FADH2 used in the ETC?
c. What is the role of oxygen in the ETC?
d. How is ATP produced in the ETC?
10. Explain the process of fermentation and include the following in your response:
a. Is oxygen required for fermentation?
b. What is the main purpose of fermentation?
c. What is the difference between lactic acid and alcohol fermentation?
d. How many ATP molecules are produced during fermentation?