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Appraisal Form

Appraisal Form
Job title
Start Date
HoD’s/Managers Name
Date of Appraisal
The purpose of the appraisal is to give you dedicated time with your HoD/Manager, so before the actual meeting your HoD will assess your
performance and talk to those you have worked with- as this will allow him/her to talk you through feedback and make plans for the future.
Remember all feedback is good....because this is how we grow and develop as individuals and as a company.
How have the last 12 months have gone?
Tip: Discuss specific shows/projects, shots, responsibilities and tasks you worked on
My comments
HoD Comments
How do you feel you’ve performed over the past 12 months?
What are you proud of, what do you feel you have accomplished but what
difficulties have you encountered
What areas of your performance do you feel could be developed/
improved? Be honest…..we all have something
My Comments
What do you think are your key strengths and how can you use these to
develop your role? Again be honest…..what are the things that make you
stand out
HoD Comments
Development Plan
Tip: What is my plan of action and how am I going to do it…..remember, think long and short term
What are my goals and where do I want to be